In search of Dawn.

Where lie the remains of Dawn Lafferty Hochsprung, former principal of Sandy Hook Elementary School, reported to be slain by Adam Lanza during the Sandy Hook massacre of December 2012?

The answer isn’t found in Mrs. Hochsprung’s obituary, which lists the burial site as “unknown.”

We hit another impasse in a Huff article about Mrs. Hochsprung’s funeral on December 19, 2012. We’re told that it took place at Munson-Lovetere Funeral home in Woodbury, Connecticut, but the funeral and burial were “private.”

That left us with our assignment, one that took us to Broadalbin in Fulton County, New York during two trips earlier this year. Broadalbin is where George and Dawn Hochsprung built their dream home prior to the massacre.

It seemed as good a place to begin as any. As aging Sandy Hook researchers, we were tired of Newtown, Woodbury and the looming haunts of Fairfield Hills. The search supplied impetus for a much-needed change. So off to Broadalbin we went with our hopes, our fears and our suspicions.

The friendly village. The village of Broadalbin is where Dawn Lafferty’s mother, Cheryl, is said to have grown up. It’s small and navigable and mostly on the way to other places. It boasts one very elegant inn, but lacks the mountain views and tourist attractions found farther north.

Our first impression of Broadalbin and its environs was disappointing. Obama economics has bitten down hard on the area, which depends on middle-income vacationers passing through en route to Lake George. “One home, One store for sale” reads a sign on a boarded-up gift shop we passed on one of Fulton County’s many straight, seemingly endless two-lane highways. Dreams are costly here, and die quietly.

Despite the sign that reads “Broadalbin, the friendly village” as you enter town, we met no cheery locals. All seemed busy scratching out a living or en route to destinations that require a full tank of gas. Nearby Saratoga Springs was about to begin its biggest horse race and we imagined the cars that passed us wanted to get there first.



During our visit, Broadalbin was having a village-wide yard sale with items ranging from the sad to the sentimental and serviceable. A walk away from lawns where household goods were being tagged, we found the Masonic Temple of Broadalbin on North Main. You just can’t miss it, and just can’t avoid it either.


Dawn’s former home in Broadalbin is not in the village, however, but on a particularly desirable stretch of Great Sacandaga Lake property. We visited it during the first day of our stay in Broadalbin.

Dream home. The Great Sacandaga Lake is not “remote” as it has been misrepresented to be by the mainstream media in their reports about Dawn and George’s lakeside dream home.

Sacandaga Lake is very much in your face. It’s huge: stretching five miles wide by 29 miles long, it offers 125 miles of shoreline. Compared with most lakes of that size, it’s thinly settled, and that may be because its boating community has a shortened season. The lake is drained in the early fall to feed the Hudson River, transforming the shoreline. Unless you live up on a hill, as George Hochsprung does, you’d have a view problem.

In 2011, George and Dawn Hochsprung, according to the official story, began building their dream home on Lakeview Road, on the hill right next to Mother Cheryl Lafferty’s summer home on the Sacandaga Lake.

For privacy reasons, we will not include any photos of these residences.

Across the street from both houses is the Broadalbin Boat Launch Site, where the Hochsprungs have a private beach and dock, according to this article.

This is a key article, because of what George is purported to have said in it, but also because it links to photos of George Hochsprung strolling along his private lake beach and other somewhat strained photographic proofs of his property ownership and marriage to Dawn (a close-up of his wedding ring, for instance).

We wanted to walk down and see the beach, but the “PRIVATE” signs start near the parking area. Here it is, taken from a safe distance, below. One of the lake islands appears as a Lilliputian refuge from the world.


A dead end? From the same Connecticut Post article comes this quote: “On many days, George walks with Bella [his dog] two miles to the cemetery where Dawn is buried.”

Now, this is odd because, there is only one public cemetery two miles from Lakeview Road: Union Mills Cemetery in Broadalbin. But it doesn’t list Dawn Lafferty Hochsprung among its residents. Click here.

You’ll see, as we did, that Dawn Hochsprung is not listed among the deceased at the Broadalbin Union Mills Cemetery.

In fact, Dawn Hochsprung is not listed by any cemetery in the U.S., according to Once again, see for yourself. Go here and fill in the blanks with Dawn’s full name (Dawn Lafferty Hochsprung), date of birth (1965), date of death (2012), country (US) and any state. No headstone exists for Dawn in this database.

Contradictions from another news source. Equally odd is the fact that this New York Daily News article implies that Dawn was buried in Connecticut, not New York, making it impossible for George and Bella to visit her grave on foot.

In that article appears the famous photo of Dawn’s daughter, Erica Lafferty Smegielski, kissing the top of her mother’s headstone on her wedding day. You can find that image here in the New York Daily News article. Or visit the photographer’s site at Sarah Beck.  For Beck’s article about the photo, go here.

From that same New York Daily News article, we have this: “Lafferty visited the Connecticut cemetery on July 6, hours before she married her fiancé, Christopher Smegielski, at her mother’s lake house in the Adirondacks.”

There it is: “Connecticut cemetery.” While that statement turns out to be 100% incorrect, Cinderella discovered that pictures do not lie as easily as mainstream media reports.

A clue from the photograph. The kiss photograph gave us the only clue we were likely to receive from the mainstream media. In its background you’ll find a chain-link fence bordering a sandpit. By doing a Google map search of Broadalbin Union Mills Cemetery on Union Mills Road, we came away with this marvelous screen shot:


{Imagery 2016 © DigitalGlobe, Map Data © 2016  Google }

(The shot has been enlarged and cropped to give you a better view of the chain-link fence and sandy area in the background.)

It appeared that our quarry was in the Broadalbin Union Mills Cemetery after all. And one hot, dusty ride later, we were able to confirm it with photos of our own.

Found: One headstone. While paying our respects, we took photos of Dawn Lafferty Hochsprung’s remarkable resting place. Besides the chocolate sign, now heavily rusted, the top of which also appeared in the famous kiss photo, the grave is now embellished with various other mementos: a basket of artificial flowers, an urn, a decorative dove, candle holders, metal wings and stars. Note the words from a famous Irish blessing on the front of the headstone: “May the Wind Always be at your back.”   And the other words on the back: “Your light will continue to inspire the human spirit.” It seems odd to this researcher that there is no more personal epitaph noting Dawn as the beloved teacher, devoted mother and wife she was acclaimed to be.


Front of headstone


Back of headstone


Close-up view of chocolate sign

Further confirmation. The caregiver of Broadalbin Union Mills Cemetery was happy to share these facts about the grave site of Dawn Lafferty Hochsprung:

  • Date of interment: December 20, 2012
  • Specifics on location of the headstone: Section 3, Lot 113, Grave #2
  • Specifics as to nature of interment: Full burial in casket
  • Funeral Home: Halgas Funeral Home, Broadalbin, NY

Note that the funeral home listed here is not the one specified in the Huff article referred to in the intro of this post (Munson-Lovetere Funeral Home in Woodbury, CT). We put a call in to Halgas Funeral Home to question this and were told that Mrs. Hochsprung’s body was transferred from Woodbury, Connecticut to Broadalbin, New York after the December 19th funeral at Munson-Lovetere. No further information was obtained from that source.

Still missing: Burial transit permit and death certificate. In New York State, according to public health law 4145, “No person in charge of any premises on which interments, cremations and other disposition of the body of a deceased person are made shall inter or permit the interment or other disposition of any body unless it is accompanied by a burial, cremation or transit permit, as provided in this article.”

A copy of such a permit (and the rules that apply) may be found here.

We put a call in to Broadalbin’s town clerk (518-883-4657) to request a copy of the burial transit permit for Dawn Lafferty Hochsprung, deceased in Newtown, CT on December 14, 2012 and buried in the Broadalbin Union Mills Cemetery on December 20, 2012. The friendly clerk searched the records and called us back. “I’m sorry, but there is no burial permit or death certificate for Dawn Hochsprung,“ she said. Her voice reflected her bewilderment.

We explained that Mrs. Hochsprung’s body was transferred from Connecticut to New York prior to interment. “Could that be the reason for the missing documents?” we asked.  “No,” she said. “If she’s buried in Broadalbin, I should have both documents.” She asked us to get in touch with her if we were able to obtain a death certificate.

Cinderella isn’t willing, at this time, to risk her life with Debbie Aurelia Halstead, the town clerk of Newtown, who once denied journalists access to any death certificates for six months. Perhaps you are willing, however, and, if so, be my guest. To request a copy of Mrs. Hochsprung’s death certificate, go here.

You will need to enclose a copy of your driver’s license, a postal money order for $20 and this completed form.

Are Dawn Lafferty Hochsprung’s remains beneath the headstone at the Broadalbin Union Mills Cemetery? Without a full legal exhumation, one can only speculate.

But at least one person knows it’s possible for someone to fake one’s burial. His name is Donald J. Trump. See his fake headstone here.

Many thanks for going on this journey with us.

An Essay on Sandy Hook

Memory Hole

Submitted by Maureen Crowley

Since I wrote the following essay, I have confronted [name deleted], embalmer of several Sandy Hook “victims”. I told him to not fear the Connecticut Mafia, and that he should come forward with the truth. Inches from my face he screamed at me,”not the Connecticut Mafia, the ITALIAN mafia”.

Yes, it is my opinion that organized crime paid a huge role in pulling off the Sandy Hook Hoax. Also, in 2015, when I dropped off this essay at the offices of Catholic Bishop Tobin in Providence, he called the Rhode Island State Police, who then called crowleyto interrogate me.

Here is a slightly updated version of the essay.      

“The powerful conglomeration of interests that tried to pull off the events in Sandy Hook, Connecticut on December 14, 2012, must have realized the visual power of television. The images of beautiful children were where…

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Orlando Nightclub Shooting: Questions and Anomalies Surround ‘Worst Mass Shooting in U.S. History’

Memory Hole

By Vivian Lee

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 9.02.38 PM Scene from the Orlando “shooting,” one of many showing no evidence to support the story. Image: CNN

The “worst mass shooting in U.S. history” is reported to have occurred between 2 am and 5 am on Sunday morning, June 12, at Pulse, a nightclub in Orlando, Florida. The “act of terror” is said to have produced 49 dead and 53 injured. A 50th death was that of the “shooter,” identified as Omar Seddique Mateen, who was employed as a security guard since 2007 by the giant multinational security company G4S. The circumstances of the Orlando “massacre” are suspicious to say the least, with many details fitting into the existing playbook for staged shootings occurring across the U.S.

G4S, the world’s largest security company by revenue, has its US headquarters in Jupiter, Florida, but operates in “more than 100 countries,” with “more than 50,000 employees in the United…

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Upside down.

Dear Reader,

Thank you for your kind attention to my posts. This is just to let you know I’m taking a brief respite from this blog for the summer months, in order to rest, refresh and devote time to a fiction project I’ve been working on for many years now, and hope to finish soon.

I also have some Sandy Hook field research planned, which will take me hither and yon. I look forward to sharing that with you on my return.

In the meantime, please enjoy a brilliant performance of “Non piu mesta” by Frederica Von Stade in Rossini’s “La Cenerentola” (Cinderella) ~ a scene in which forgiveness is offered to the cruel, the deceptive and the unjust. (Click on the link above.)

Cinderella, upside down

We have a long way to go before such offerings can be made to those behind the Sandy Hook illusion. That’s why I appreciate the view presented in the final footage of the opera video ~ in which the current upside-down version of reality is made clear.

But things have a way of turning around.

We’ll persist.

Yours ~ Cinderella


A retrospective in crime.

An article recently appeared in FOTM (Fellowship of the Minds) on the exploits of a funeral home and embalming service at 623 Main Street in East Hartford, Connecticut: Hartford Trade Service and River Bend Funeral Home & Crematorium. Both businesses are long associated with one Kevin K. Riley. You can find that article here.

River Bend, front copy

The reason for FOTM’s interest in the flat-footed, squatty establishment depicted above is because it’s purported to have been where the bloody remains of the alleged Sandy Hook massacre perp, Adam Lanza, were cremated. Supporting evidence for this is in the  FOTM article.

Partners in estate plundering and other venal crimes. The problem: the establishment has a squalid history, having been the vortex of crimes committed by a pair of conspirators, Kevin Riley himself and his bookkeeper, Yolande Faulkner. In 2011, after a four-year investigation, the duo was proven to have robbed the estates of multiple deceased people, falsifying their records, plundering their valuables and selling their real estate. And they took advantage of a lucrative state contract to swindle and double-bill their way into multiple court dates and Hartford Courant articles. (See links in the timeline below.)

For this, Riley went away to the poky for eight months after sentencing in 2011, and Faulkner was slapped with fines and community service, later reduced due to purported  hardship: Faulkner cares for a disabled husband and aged mother.

Adam’s post-mortem handler. And yet, Riley’s business was chosen  in 2012 to handle the remains of the most heinous perpetrator of child killings in recent Connecticut history — after Riley’s license was revoked and his business ostensibly ruined.

How could this be? Why would the State of Connecticut – itself the victim of Riley’s double-billing schemes – seek out his business to handle such a potentially controversial body of evidence?

Two Kevins? Critics/trolls of FOTM’s article have said the equivalent of, “So what?” (And much worse.) They claim that by 12-14-12, Kevin Riley had been succeeded by another Kevin – one “Kevin Davidson”- whose name appears on the sign of the cement block establishment:

Signage, River Bend copy

While that’s evident (if debatable) it doesn’t explain another glaring oddness.

One Yolande. In February 2016,  an employee of Kevin’s named “Joe” handed a business card to a potential customer of River Bend Funeral Home after he wrote a name (“Yolande”) and phone number on the reverse side. (The number has been blurred in the photo below for privacy reasons.)

Kevin's Business Card copy                   Back of card, number blurred

It turns out that “Yolande’s” phone number belongs to Yolande Faulkner, Riley’s bookkeeper and co-conspirator. So at least one-half of the larcenous duo is still operating out of 623 Main Street.

A chain of opportunistic crimes. Cinderella thought it would be interesting to unravel the back-story to all of the above, so we constructed a footnoted timeline. The timeline, with comments beneath it, follows.

Note the interesting real estate transactions (in green) that correspond with difficult times in the Riley biography, particularly in 2010-2012, when the gavel was about to come down. (One might add that it took that gavel a long time to descend on Riley’s head.)


Timeline, page 1

Timeline, page 2

Timeline, page 3

Timeline, page 4

Timeline, page 5

Timeline, page 6

Timeline, page 7

Timeline, page 8

What should we make of the odd coincidences in the above timeline? For instance, consider Kevin Davidson Realty – an entity that mysteriously popped up like a daisy out of a corpse in 2010 – the same year that Kevin Riley was arrested in his Somers home and charged with 63 counts of larceny.

That same Kevin Davidson Realty would later purchase 623 Main Street on Jan. 3, 2011 — just a few weeks before Riley was sentenced to prison on Jan. 25, 2011.

Then, in September 2011, Kevin Davidson Realty turned over 623 Main Street to River Bend Funeral Home & Crematorium for a cool $0. (And wouldn’t this be about the time Riley was released from prison?) Before and since that time, Cinderella could find no evidence that Kevin Davidson Realty had/has taken part in any reported real estate transactions — at all.

Yet, like three passed-over peas in a pod, Kevin Davidson Realty, Hartford Trade Service and River Bend Funeral Home & Crematorium currently share the same business address.

One Yolande. Two Kevins (?). Three businesses. Maybe it means nothing. But one question persists: Why did the State of Connecticut trust the remains of Adam Lanza to a business steeped in deception and opportunistic crimes? A business that ripped off the people of Connecticut by double-billing services rendered to the most exploitable of the exploited – those who die alone, without living relatives or companions competent to defend them against criminal acts.

Well, dear reader. You tell me. ~C







Was mental “health” Sandy Hook’s real quarry all along?

As Sofia Smallstorm points out in her blogpost titled “Mental Health, Not Gun Control,” the mind controllers are hatching new schemes to ensnare and program anything that falls outside of their predetermined norms.

The prize catch: Children.

See Smallstorm Blog’s post here, which refers you to a thought-provoking article on SETRA, “a new bill/act for psychological testing and programming.”

Mental health reform – by itself and linked with gun control – is still being debated in Congress, with support on  both sides of the aisle. But even one of the most vocal proponents of mental health reform, Sen. Chris Murphy (D/CT), admitted that he is “uncomfortable having mental health framed as a response to gun violence because it risks drawing an inherent connection between mental illness and violence, which doesn’t exist.” {My bf} Go here for that quote.

Nevertheless, despite those facts, mental health reform as a means of curbing gun violence received a big cheer this spring — in the form of an op-ed piece co-authored by Nichole Hockley and Mark Barden, which appeared in The Hill. In “The Time Is Now To Pass Mental Health Reform,” the Sandy Hook pair opine as follows:

“… early identification and intervention in mental health care can help stop gun violence before it happens. That’s why we are calling on Congress to pass mental health reform now – before another threat is overlooked and another school or neighborhood is devastated by preventable loss.”

You can see where all of this is heading, pun intended. The article on SETRA provides a catalog of intrusions that may be the head trip all public school children in the U.S. will be required to take.

Don’t delude yourself that home-schooling is a way out of the trip/trap. Let’s not forget which famous Sandy Hook parent once home-schooled her mentally ill child: Nancy Lanza. The mind-control crowd might be able to use that, too, to widen the net.