Starr mystery partly solved!

Many, many thanks to Anne B., who writes:

Cinderella, could this be the answer to Newtown’s STARR mystery? Something sports related?
Starr Womens Swimming Recruiting
• Address: 3 Trades Ln Newtown CT , 06470
• Primary Phone:(203) 270-4880
Starr Womens Basketball Recruiting
• Address: 3 Trades Ln Newtown CT , 06470
• Primary Phone:(203) 270-4880″

Yes, indeed, dear Anne, it could!  And likely is. (Click here.) And what a great relief to know that it has nothing to do with bringing potentially dangerous inmates in contact with children!

However, this is an athletic recruiting effort, not a “school.” So Cinderella still doesn’t understand the following items:

  • Why is it not listed anywhere on the Newtown Board of Education’s website?
  • Why is it listed as a “school,” nearly always with four students, in the state of Connecticut’s Public Elementary and Secondary Schools in Connecticut, Institutional Code 11.?
  • Why is it funded as a “school” according to the sources I explored in “Oh, Little Starr in Newtown?”
  • And who is in charge of it? Is Dr. Epple still the principal of Starr? Does this position involve a salary?

Just some ticky details, perhaps, but Cinderella would still like to know. If anyone can clarify this for me, please tell!

Thanks again, Anne, for freely coming forward with this information. Cinderella is, after all, just a housecleaner and ballroom dancer, not a detective. She depends on the brighter bulbs in the pack to share their luminescence. Shine on!


UPDATE: Please also see below for an additional comment by Anne B. on this subject:

“About STARR at Reed Intermediate School. STARR is a special education school and there is STARR sports recruiting program, both at the Reed location. In my STARR research I came up with a fully fledged trauma/resilience program also named Starr. Since this is Newtown, the thought struck me that perhaps STARR in Newtown is another machine (non profit) for money laundering. An awful lot of dirty money went through Newtown.

Reed Intermediate School Profile | Newtown, Connecticut (CT) › Connecticut › Fairfield
Reed Intermediate School in Newtown, Connecticut (CT) serves 787 students in grades 5-6. … The nearest high school is Starr High School (0.1 miles away).

• Starr High School
Special Education School
3 Trades Ln
Newtown, CT 06470
(203) 270-4880

A wild card, but could they conduct the Starr program at Reed under the umbrella of special education while funneling money through it? Newtown fits right into the Starr Global learning agenda:

Starr Global Learning Network
“Our mission is to provide services to traumatized children and their families. We also strive to give school professionals, crisis intervention teams, medical and mental health professionals, childcare professionals and others the training and resources needed to help children, parents, families and schools thrive.”

Cinderella’s response:

“All excellent, Anne. Cinderella agrees with you – there is much explaining that Newtown’s Starr needs to do, whether it is providing athletic recruiting or help to traumatized kids. Point is, it ISN’T a Special Ed school – and shouldn’t be receiving funding as such. On “Trades” Lane indeed!  Thanks again for your brilliant sleuthing!” – Cinderella



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