Halbig’s latest hearing pinpoints dash cams and police reports.

Watch the latest Sandy Hook Elementary school FOIA hearing that took place February 18th in Hartford, Connecticut thanks to Wolfgang Halbig.

Between Connecticut state police and Newtown police, Mr. Halbig has been given the royal runaround in his request for signed, sworn narrative police reports – and several police dash cam videos.

Withheld from the people who paid for them. The state police are withholding the sworn, signed police reports, claiming they’re exempt from FOIA because the Newtown police involved were considered “witnesses.” The dash cam videos are likewise being withheld as FOIA-exempt evidence.

But Mr. Halbig’s attorney, Kay Wilson, made the argument that the dash cams are public documents, based on an established ruling.

The hearing officer, an attorney, asked to be briefed on this argument within two weeks. This is very good news.

One big disclosure of the day is that the sworn, signed incident reports by at least three Newtown police officers are in the possession of the state police. Whether they will ever be released – or held forever as exempt – remains to be seen.

Eye strain and aggravation. So far, all Mr. Halbig has received from Newtown and the state police – besides a runaround – have been heavily redacted dash cam videos, two almost fully redacted police reports and, most telling, “interviews” of police (typed and submitted on thumb drives) that he had to wade through hundreds of online pages to find. Even Cinderella’s eyes would have dried up and blown away by now.

Mr. Halbig deserves your help. He isn’t going away. He has stood firm all along, accumulating legal expenses to enforce Freedom of Information Act rights. No one should have to hire a lawyer to ensure that the FOIA is correctly adhered to by government agencies.  To lend him your support, please go here.

For a detailed account of the hearing by SH investigator Tony Mead, go here.



11 thoughts on “Halbig’s latest hearing pinpoints dash cams and police reports.

    1. Thanks, Dr. Eowyn. His efforts matter – if only to keep proving the existence of a cover-up and a terrible injustice. If the new hearing officer orders the state police to relinquish the videos and/or reports – and they refuse again on the basis of FOIA exemption – it will draw more attention to the issue. The issue dies and the evil spreads when people stop paying attention. A persistent, steady drip is needed. You provide that. Dr. Fetzer provides it. Dr. Tracy provides it. Mr. Reich provides it. And surely Mr. Halbig is providing it. Keep it up. ~ Cinderella


  1. Reblogged this on Fellowship of the Minds and commented:
    2 days ago, Wolfgang Halbig was given a 3rd FOIA hearing, in his tireless efforts to get at the truth of Sandy Hook. Alas, like the previous two FOIA hearings, he was refused the documents he asked for; those that were given are so heavily redacted, they’re practically useless. Recall that in previous hearings, he was denied access to Sandy Hook Elementary School records in 2012, including principal Dawn Hochsprung’s memoranda. All this secrecy simply fuels our by-now well-grounded suspicions that Sandy Hook is a gun-control false-flag.

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    1. Funny how these CSP recordings are hidden due to privacy and security concerns for the children while the Hicks “iconic” evacuation photo of children in a Samba line was flashed all over the world media with no complaint. Since these recordings have not been reviewed by the holding agency, why not have a closed session where both parties sit down together and watch them? If the recordings are examined by experts from both sides and deemed authentic, it would ease many doubts.

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      1. There shouldn’t be any reason for a sequestered viewing, Dissonant Dissident. I’m hopeful that Kay Wilson will convince the hearing officer that the dash cam videos are NOT exempt from FOIA. Expertise is not the qualifier here. Being a citizen and taxpayer is. In Cinderella’s inexpert opinion, the videos should be released to the people who paid for them. Thanks for your comment!


  2. much madness, Agreed about being public property, just looking for a way to pry on the ” transparency.”. The CSP will cling to their argument about privacy, the courts will agree, and the recordings will probably not see daylight. Searching Conn. news media for this subject returns virtually nothing on Halbig’s FOIA. 3.
    Is this to become a ” Loch Ness Monster” type story, never to be resolved?

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    1. Not if I can help it. 😉 Thank you for keeping your eye on this, DD. That is what we must all do to catch the monster.


      1. Since the pen is mightier than the sword and your adversary has a big sword, get a bigger pen. This is exactly what you have done.

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