“As we wrap up a busy summer at Sandy Hook School, we have a great deal of news to share. As you know, uncertainties surrounding our school resulted in the late notification of classroom teaching assignments. In order to ensure the best possible start to the school year for all of our students, your children’s previous teachers meticulously prepared multiple class lists to meet any of several contingencies. I am extremely grateful to them for their many extra efforts and double-checking!”

So begins the first paragraph on the first page of “The Sandy Hook School Connection, August 28, 2012,”  written by Dawn Hochsprung, principal of Sandy Hook Elementary school from September 2010 through December 2012.

Uncertainties? Contingencies? Multiple class lists? Previous teachers? Late notification of classroom teaching assignments? We wonder what all of this means.

The words used in this paragraph signal big change – change that has already occurred and change that is surely to come. We know, of course, about one of those unfortunate changes, but on the premise that the past is prologue, we need to review what came before with our usual patient attention.

So let’s go back to Spring 2012.

March 2012: The Chung conundrum. In March 2012 this  became part of the Sandy Hook building renovation saga. Dated March 6, 2012, it’s an ad hoc facilities sub-committee’s recommendation for shuttering a school in Newtown, based on 2009 declining enrollment projections by a “Dr. Chung.” (His/her identity remains a mystery.)

Long story short, Sandy Hook was rejected for shutdown, because it wasn’t ADA-compliant. The logic: ADA-compliant schools are more easily reopened if enrollments go up again. Reed Intermediate (still open) was the chosen one for shuttering because it would save $3 million per year.

The committee recommended that the Board begin the process of a shutdown once elementary enrollments drop to 1,500.

March 29, 2012: One Reed, indeed. In the same month, this appeared: “One School, One Read” in the The Sandy Hook School Connection, March 29, 2012, announcing that a Sandy Hook event (a sock hop) was to be held at Reed Intermediate. Why Reed? Why not the sparkling gymnasium floor of the Sandy Hook Elementary school?

July 12, 2012: An approved school budget.  After much tension over the Board of Education’s proposed school budget in May, it was finally approved in July. Elementary education overall got skinned a bit: by a 0.34% cut.  Sandy Hook Elementary lost $4,517 from the previous year’s budget, a 0.15% dip in funding. It isn’t nice, but it isn’t something to cause a great stir, either. The biggest cut was the elimination of a vice-principal position and the installation of a lead teacher. Music educators got clobbered, too, losing $16, 649. To view it for yourself, go here, page 10. Note, on page 40, that the previous year’s decision (which Cinderella has made much of before) held: the expenditure on building and site maintenance remained a stark $0. But everyone already knew that. It was a done deal.

July 19, 2012: The “Mum” emails. On July 19, 2012, a peculiar email exchange occurred between Mrs. Hochsprung and Kevin Anzolotti, the school janitor. Email with JanitorReproduced below in larger type:

  • On the morning of July 19,  Mrs. Hochsprung emailed Anzollotti: “How does this look? [Apparently referring to an attached pdf excluded from the document disclosure.] NOT set in stone! I have to notify teachers after we meet next Thursday, then we can get moving. Of course, they will need to come in and pack… This is going to be really hard!”
  • That afternoon Anzollotti responded: “I got it and it is what it is it’s bad [sic] for us but I would not what to [sic] be in your shoes as your [sic] telling them but all still have jobs I guess that’s a good thing mums the word [sic]

Was Mrs. Hochsprung’s email referring to the “uncertainties” she mentions a month later in “The Sandy Hook Connection August 28, 2012,”?  Let’s review the foregoing:

  • Possible school closings
  • Sandy Hook is spared from closing; Reed is targeted
  • Reed is used for a Sandy Hook sock hop
  • A busy summer
  • An approved budget
  • Secrets
  • Last-minute packing and moving
  • Uncertainties
  • Multiple class lists
  • Contingency plans
  • Meticulous preparation
  • Late notification of class lists
  • Job retention

To put it in perspective: Mrs. Hochsprung already knew about the approved budget a few days before the email exchange with Anzollotti. Yes, she was losing a vice-principal and gaining a lead teacher. Yes, the music department was taking a hit. But, for the most part, things were much as they had been. So what’s this new kerfuffle about in the email exchange? And why does it continue in the items outlined below?

July 26, 2012:  “Placement.” In The Sandy Hook School Connection, July 26, 2012 came this from Mrs. Hochsprung: “We are in the final stages of determining the impact of the reductions reflected in the passed budget. We will send placement letters with class assignments early in August. Please be assured that your child’s placement will be handled with the same level of personal care and attention to which you are accustomed. Before teachers left at the end of the school year, we worked together to develop class lists that would accommodate any scenario that could result from the final decisions of the Board of Education.” (my bf)

Placement where? In new classrooms? In other schools? In other towns? Why? The budget that passed didn’t require the termination of any general teaching positions.

Ms. Epple exits. On August 22, 2012, a week before “The Sandy Hook Connection August 28, 2012,” there appeared this article, reporting that Sharon Epple, Reed Intermediate’s principal, (and principal of STARR) was leaving for greener pastures in East Hartford. Why? Was she convinced that Reed would be closing? She would have known: she sat on the ad hoc committee described above with Mrs. Hochsprung.


And that’s about all we could find on the subject of big Sandy Hook changes before September 2012: A strange, confusing concatenation of seemingly related events in which fluster and change abound and most jobs are mercifully retained.

Decisions and revisions. Did budgetary changes lead up to Mrs. Hochsprung’s uncertainties, contingencies, multiple class lists by previous teachers and late notification of classroom teaching assignments? Or did something else? Whatever it was, it also led to the following:

 Staffing changes. Let’s return to Mrs. Hochsprung’s article of August 28, 2012, which continues below:

Staffing changes

The eight bulleted items above are detailed staffing changes Mrs. Hochsprung announced. In a few instances, teachers are described as leaving. But in most instances, they’re “returning.” (You’ll recognize many of their names.) But returning from where? Don’t teachers always return – from summer vacation? Why devote nearly a page to such returns?

Unless … teachers were coming back from a longer absence, say a sabbatical or boot camp down South. Remember, this communication was dated August 28, more than a month after the “Mum” emails and the secret move in July. Where did the teachers go, and to what did they return? Or was a return unexpected because the Sandy Hook School became the target for a shutdown – despite decisions made earlier in the year?

And … what is this about preschool classes? Mrs. Hochsprung’s last bulleted item above concerns a preschool:  “We welcome two preschool classes to Sandy Hook this year. Teachers will be Janet Walker and Eileen Cullen. Speech language pathologist Judy Silverlight will also join that team.”

Strange. I had thought Sandy Hook Elementary School was a K-4 school. I don’t recall seeing anything about preschoolers in the news reports about the massacre. (If you remember, please comment.) What became of these little ones on 12-14-12? Was the preschool closed that morning?

The bulleted item mentions a “speech language pathologist.” Were these special-needs preschoolers? In the 2012-13 budget, page 5, there is a footnote about a “Speech Therapist for St. Rose.” Hm. What is St. Rose (of Lima?) doing in a Newtown public school budget? Or perhaps I’m misinterpreting something. Speech pathologist Judy Silverlight recently retired. Perhaps she knows.

In any case, there is no mention of a preschool at Sandy Hook Elementary in the 2012-13 budget. (See for yourself. Go here and do a search for “preschool.”) Like Dr. Chung and STARR, a special-ed school housed in Reed Intermediate, the Sandy Hook preschool remains an unsolved mystery for now.

Scolding. Cinderella wondered if such attention to teacher comings and goings was paid by Mrs. Hochsprung in the previous year. We found The Sandy Hook Connection, August 30, 2011. And there’s not a word in it about teacher returns or departures. In this issue, the focus appears to be on obeying rules: “It is imperative to both the learning of your child and his or her classmates that we minimize late arrivals and early pick-ups.” This appeared in boldface as shown.

(“Imperative”? Honestly. Why the sternness over an occasional trip to the dentist?)

Housekeeping was a matter of note in this issue, too. We found this reference: “The halls and classrooms of Sandy Hook School are sparkling and ready for another exciting year!”

Ugly wall

More housekeeping. Just to be thorough, we checked   The Sandy Hook Connection, Sept. 8, 2011 for references to teacher returns. Once again, nothing.

But we did find another enthusiastic reference to housekeeping: “As always, the amazing and dedicated staff of Sandy Hook School has everything ready for your children. Our custodians worked tirelessly to ensure that our school is sparkling in every corner, even without power.”*

Ugly floor

As a ballroom dancer, Cinderella can attest: There is absolutely no substitute for a sparkling clean, shiny floor.



  • The Sandy Hook Elementary School forensic photos in this post are available here.
  • *Reference to “without power” in the above excerpt —  due to Hurricane Irene.

All that matters.

Alex Jones thinks the New World Order’s planned American civil war is off and running. See this video.

Cinderella admires a man who can work himself up into a sweat over something other than football, gourmet pizza and the usual.

The alternative news media, including Infowars, rose up out of the first amendment in order to support the second amendment, the 4th, the 5th, the 6th and the 10th; in fact, the entire U.S. Constitution. Without a burly, well-muscled first amendment, the rest of it atrophies quickly – as we are seeing.

Cinderella agrees. Here’s to unabridged free speech, the freedom to voice and exercise religious beliefs; the freedom to peaceably assemble; the right to petition the government especially when it’s caught doing any of the following: Grievously lying; stealing privately held land; murdering innocent Americans and foreign nationals; assassinating presidents, senators and Supreme Court justices; creating havoc by training angry young men in the art of war, then supplying them with war machinery and fomenting terrorist acts; destroying sovereign countries abroad to control their people and resources through a clash of civilizations and other means; overtly or covertly fixing elections; performing deadly biological experiments, collapsing buildings or faking deaths in order to carry out vicious, subversive and violent one-world agendas under the guise of environmentalism or love or patriotism or peace. And doing it all with money held in secret funds by the U.S. Treasury and monies borrowed from private international banking concerns.

That said, Cinderella is going to exercise her free speech right here under the flaring nostrils of the Beast:

  • I believe that the Sandy Hook event of December 14, 2012 was misrepresented as a massacre by the lying, corporate/government-controlled mainstream media.
  • I believe it was the capstone event of a FEMA drill.
  • I believe that certain people were co-opted into carrying out the event through various compensatory and other highly persuasive means.
  • I believe a nefarious principality (the usual suspects) helped catapult the event.
  • I believe that many people in the area this event concerns didn’t know about the Plan and did not participate in it; I believe this FEMA drill – very much like a David Copperfield stunt – required the cooperation of a multitude, but did not require the cooperation of ALL.
  • I believe that, while the putative shooter may have died (if he ever existed), it is doubtful that anyone else did, given facts presented in this blog and the preponderance of evidence supplied by investigators such as Wolfgang Halbig, FOTM (Dr. Eowyn & others),  Sofia Smallstorm, videographer “Barry Soetoro,” Carl Gallups, Tony Mead, James Fetzer, Jonathan Reich, Paul Preston, and myriad commenters, bloggers and Youtubers, many more than can be listed here.
  • I believe the agenda behind it, while certainly involving gun control, also involves much more – such as nefarious mind-control efforts through the mental health, pharmaceutical and education industries. It is perfidy, plain and simple, an attempt to destroy free thought and implant a false reality to the benefit of the controllers.

Why am I saying all of the above? Because it’s my right to say it. And rights die when they are not exercised. Do you understand this, dear reader? That was a message for you.

So what are you going to do about it, NWO, New Town and the Beast? Come after a blogger with a fairy-tale name? Come after her friends? Goad us? Threaten us with ignominy, unemployment and terminal illness for exercising our free speech rights? Say we’re mentally unstable or mentally ill? Send us poison packages through the U.S. mail? Give us all CIA heart attacks? Mow us down with a six-wheeler?

In the meantime, Cinderella will continue to provide such facts as she can glean from the evidence still before us. And in the end, it will not matter whether her name is Cinderella or Godzilla. All that will matter is the truth.

And on that note:






A “scairy” tale.


“Well, I guess there’s a sucker born every minute.” David Hannum

Cinderella has been busy with research and related work of late, which accounts for the silence of a week. But she’s noticed that readers continue to visit, and sincerely appreciates their interest.

Part of our silent time has been spent looking into obscure and well-known biographies and histories around and about what is sometimes called the “bedroom” of New York City – incorporated towns in the orbit of Newtown.  Woodbury, for one. Bethel, for another. And, of course, there are more.

All of these towns have something in common: They know which side their bread is buttered on.*


Bethel was the birthplace of P.T. Barnum, the enterprising and successful Connecticut hoaxer. Born in 1810, Barnum not only acted as Jenny Lind’s (the Swedish nightingale’s) promoter, but also the exploiter of Tom Thumb and the Feejee Mermaid, unfortunates whom he used to extract money from the pockets of the gullible. Alice Hoffman’s dreary book, The Museum of Extraordinary Things, is likely based on Barnum and his dreary exploits.

Rough, scar-faced Bridgeport has the dubious distinction of hosting a museum devoted to Mr. Barnum’s remarkable life. Bridgeport resides in the crook of Fairfield County, a place where, Cinderella has been told, criminal bottom dwellers are within easy range of potential well-heeled criminal procurers from the north.

Bridgeport was Mr. Barnum’s “adopted home,” which he served as mayor. But Bethel, as said, was his birthplace. (Bethel, translated from Hebrew, means the house of God, ironically.)

Kinder, gentler, prettier Bethel also devotes real estate to Mr. Barnum, who appears in the form of a statue on a plinth in front of Bethel’s public library on Greenwood Street. His hat is off to rubes everywhere and also to his detractors, since we all have to live in the same world.

P.T. Barnum

(Image is from the CT Monuments website)

Is this significant? Well, consider when the statue was erected: in September 2010. It marked the 200th anniversary of Mr. Barnum’s birth, just in time for certain great and small events about to happen in and around the area.


In the course of her visits, Cinderella has discovered that beneath the fairy tales we have been told about certain Connecticut martyrs and saints are related “scairy tales.” We are coining that term here, but we aren’t copyrighting or trademarking it, so feel free to use it. As the Brothers Grimm surely knew, within every fairy tale is a scairy tale dying to get out.

Cinderella enjoys fairy tales – she wouldn’t be here without them! Yet, it must be faced, fairy tales have been deployed successfully as propaganda tools long before Tom Thumb made an appearance on Mr. Barnum’s shoulder.

Scairy tales are the scarred entrails of fictions most people want to believe are true. Scairy tales are true crime.

Most of us want genuine lives. Even those of us forced to live double lives due to persecution crave the genuine. It’s incomprehensible to most of us that, for certain people, a double life might be preferable to a single honest one. But for those who embrace it, a double life is “second nature.” There are many reasons for that.

The point is that P.T. Barnum gained much from what came naturally to him, and what does not come naturally to most of us. (And he lost all that matters in the process.)

5 Front Street-distant view copy

To conclude: There are railroad tracks in every Connecticut town. Some are born on the right side of them, some on the other, wrong side. For the latter, it is the same scairy tale, over and over and over again. Something P.T. Barnum knew only too well.

Just imagine what Mr. Barnum might have accomplished in the age of television.



*On this fascinating subject, please go here to an interview with Sofia Smallstorm.

A little night meeting.

Cinderella’s research often turns up items that end up in the back of the sock drawer. They can’t be paired with anything else and aren’t substantive enough to merit much more than a few paragraphs.

However, this one seemed to merit attention.

The meeting that stoically went on.  We all know what the MSM says Newtown educators and officials were doing on the day of 12-14-12. Cinderella wondered exactly what they were doing that night. She discovered that, for some of them, it was business as usual.

If you click here, you’ll find the Newtown Board of Education’s Sub-Committee Agendas/Minutes for 2012. Below is a screen shot on which I’ve drawn an arrow to the meeting of interest. It seems to have gone on despite the day’s events. You can see that another meeting (March 1, 2012) was cancelled. Not so, this one, however. Life goes on, I guess.

Newtown BOE sub committee meetings, 2012

(Sorry about the tiny type. Zoom in or click here  for a better view.)

Go here  for the 12-14-12 meeting agenda, reproduced below. You’ll see that the meeting took up old business about a “potential Early Retirement Incentive program.”

Screen Shot of Agenda

On a mournful winter’s evening.  It does seem odd that a finance sub-committee meeting would take place on Friday, December 14, 2012 @ 7:30 p.m. at 3 Primrose Street on the same day of an alleged massacre. To invite public discussion and cover early retirement incentives.

Was the meeting cancelled? If so, wouldn’t there be a cancellation notice, such as the one appearing for the March 1st meeting? It would seem so.

Perhaps it was Yankee/Vulcan stoicism that ruled in favor of holding the meeting despite the tragic losses that preceded it. The mourning could be put off long enough to discuss practical matters of finance. It’s possible. Cinderella has known many of these chilly types, never flinching in the face of loss and destruction.

No minutes. Unfortunately, Cinderella could find no minutes for this night-of-the-tragedy meeting. Lacking those, we must use our own powers of imagination to fill in the blanks. As usual, Cinderella leaves that to the discernment of her dear readers.

Free lunch breadcrumb trail leads straight to Chalk Hill Middle School.

This post provides evidence that Chalk Hill Middle School of Monroe, Connecticut may have been used as a replica of Sandy Hook Elementary School long before January 2013 – perhaps as early as 2011.

The evidence is found in a breadcrumb trail of free and reduced-rate lunch stats used to calculate high-speed Internet discounts for schools. Newtown’s 2012 paperwork includes Chalk Hill Middle School, whose numbers are identical to that of Sandy Hook Elementary.

Truly glaring – but buried. Fortunately, Cinderella has a shovel as well as a broom.



Wolfgang Halbig has been sending Cinderella some interesting documents about free and reduced-price school lunches. It’s disturbing that even in Newtown nowadays – where you might expect many lunchboxes to contain sushi-on-ice – there are children who need that kind of help.

What’s really interesting is how free lunch eligibility stats are used to calculate how much the school system will be discounted on their use of high-speed Internet services. Did you know this? (Cinderella didn’t.)

Well, it’s true. Go here to read about the USAC E-Rate program. Don’t feel too sorry for those responsible for completing application forms for this type of financial aid. They manage to slog through – the discounts are worth it. The website describes how it pays off:

“Discounts for support depend on the category of service requested, the level of poverty and the urban/rural status of the appropriate school district. Discounts range from 20 percent to 90 percent of the costs of eligible services.”

Poverty stats equate to cheaper Internet access for schools. The concept is simple: the poorer the school’s student population (based on free and reduced-rate lunch eligibility stats) the greater the discount.

It gets more interesting, thanks to Mr. Halbig, whose persistent FOIA requests have likewise begun to pay off.

Mr. Halbig sent me a 21-page document with the title “USAC 471 Application” which he received recently.  It’s dry as a bone and full of bureaucratic parlance. However, it contains a very intriguing breadcrumb trail.

Newtown’s 2012 application. It’s obvious on page 1 that this document concerns Newtown’s 2012 application for an E-Rate discount. Here’s a screen shot of the relevant information:

Screen Shot 1

You’ll have to zoom in: the type is Thumbelina-sized. The relevant information gleaned follows:

  • The billed entity is Newtown Schools.
  • The billed entity’s street address is 3 Primrose Street (where the Newtown Schools’ Board of Education is located).
  • The bill pertains to the entire (Newtown) school district.

Another entity unexpectedly appears. On page 2, Cinderella found something unexpected. Newtown appears to be working with contacts at E-Rate Online’s office at 856 Main Street, Monroe, CT.  Here is the relevant screen shot from page 2:

Screen Shot #2

And it continues on page 3:

Screen Shot #3

And, finally, the breadcrumb trail ends – at Chalk Hill Middle School. On page 4. Below is that page in two screen shots stacked below:

Screen Shot #4

Screen Shot #5

As you can see, we may have a problem here.

Anomaly #1: Our document of interest concerns E-Rate discounts for Newtown Public Schools. Why, then, is Chalk Hill Middle School, which is in Monroe, not Newtown, listed as one of those schools?

You’ll remember that the Chalk Hill Middle School (at 375 Fan Hill Road in Monroe) was allegedly not opened to accommodate Sandy Hook Elementary School students until after the alleged massacre of 12-14-12. Chalk Hill suddenly became “Sandy Hook Elementary” in January 2013. (Go here and here for MSM articles about that.)

E-Rate discount applications must be filed by late April of the school year they’re intended for. (Go here  and scroll down till you see a little gold-colored banner that says the window closes on April 29th.)

So this application was filed, at latest, in April 2012, not December 2012. In 2012, Sandy Hook Elementary students were not supposed to be at Chalk Hill Middle School. They were supposed to be in the icky-sticky brick dungeon that used to be Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Of course, Mr. Halbig, along with many others, has been questioning that all along.

Anomaly #2. Compare the numbers for Sandy Hook Elementary and Chalk Hill Middle School. You will see a striking similarity! Here they are, stacked below:

Screen Shot #6

Screen Shot #7

The numbers are the same. The critical number here seems to be the percentage of children receiving free or reduced-rate lunches. It is exactly the same for both schools: 4.223%. How is this possible?

The numbers for all of the other schools are unique. There is no such striking sameness!  Yet Sandy Hook and Chalk Hill numbers are so completely the same, the schools themselves may as well be the exact same entity.

Could the explanation be that they were the same entity – not only in 2012, but well before that – when these numbers were being collected and compiled? Cinderella quakes with confusion.

Of course, strangest of all is that Chalk Hill Middle School of Monroe should be included in an application for Newtown Public Schools in the first place.

Where were Sandy Hook Elementary students before 12-14-12? Were they already at Chalk Hill Middle School? The evidence above seems to be pointing to that possibility while jumping up and down and shouting.

To take that suggestion seriously, let’s consider whether Chalk Hill Middle School was in any condition to house students before January 2013, when it rolled out a red carpet and reportedly began creating a Sandy Hook Elementary replica “down to the crayons on the desks” within its walls.

  • Chalk Hill Middle is much younger (built in 1969) than Sandy Hook Elementary (built in 1956).
  • By 2010, the school was about to lose students to nearby STEM Academy (by design, it seems) and was facing expensive repairs to systems: Broken-down underground water pipes to the boilers, for one. To save money (about $500,000 per year) and trouble, while putting off major repairs, Monroe Public Schools was considering decommissioning Chalk Hill. (Go here for details.)
  • By November 2010, fifth graders had reportedly already been moved out of Chalk Hill (half the school was closed) to Jockey Hollow Middle and there was more talk about “mothballing” the school.
  • By December 2010, the Monroe Schools Superintendent was proposing a one-year closure of the school to save the reported $15MM it would have taken to bring the building’s systems up to par.
  • By December 30, 2010, Monroe was looking at a report by Silver, Petrucelli & Associates of Hamden, CT, an architectural and engineering firm in Hamden. Here is the cover of the report that Mr. Halbig sent Cinderella:

Cover of report

  • The 55-page report vetted three options:
    • Mothballing the school
    • Mothballing the upper floors and keeping the basement open to house the school’s IT department
    • Demolishing the school
  • The report recommended mothballing the school to”preserve the structure for future use”  (p. 7) as a lower cost option. Demolition would have involved significant costs ($1.9MM) due to the presence of a great deal of asbestos and other toxic materials.
  • According to local media, by June 2011, the school was no longer open and was under the control of the town of Monroe, not the Monroe Board of Education. Mr. Halbig told Cinderella that the Superintendent of Monroe Public Schools said that Chalk Hill Middle School was formally turned over to the town of Monroe on July 1, 2011.
  • The town was no longer seriously considering demolition because the building was judged “structurally sound.” In fact, the possibility of turning it into a community center was still on the table.
  • Then 12-14-12 happened and suddenly Chalk Hill Middle was standing ready with cloned Sandy Hook Elementary décor.

Was the school “mothballed” or wasn’t it? It isn’t clear from the MSM reports Cinderella has read. That may be intentional.

Where there are crumbs, a school lunch has likely been eaten. There appear to be crumbs all over Chalk Hill Middle School, if the USAC document is to be believed.

What do you think? Where do you think Sandy Hook Elementary students were during that critical time (2008-2012) when the Wayback Machine ferret was no longer sniffing at the Sandy Hook school URL?

Cinderella was amused by the idea that they were all being harbored at Newtown Youth Academy. See the post here. What a funny idea that was!

But funny does not a good hypothesis make. Facts, such as those in the USAC document, rival a good joke any day, such as the one that may have been played on us all.

Crumbs, dear readers, crumbs. Stick to the crumbs.