A little night meeting.

Cinderella’s research often turns up items that end up in the back of the sock drawer. They can’t be paired with anything else and aren’t substantive enough to merit much more than a few paragraphs.

However, this one seemed to merit attention.

The meeting that stoically went on.  We all know what the MSM says Newtown educators and officials were doing on the day of 12-14-12. Cinderella wondered exactly what they were doing that night. She discovered that, for some of them, it was business as usual.

If you click here, you’ll find the Newtown Board of Education’s Sub-Committee Agendas/Minutes for 2012. Below is a screen shot on which I’ve drawn an arrow to the meeting of interest. It seems to have gone on despite the day’s events. You can see that another meeting (March 1, 2012) was cancelled. Not so, this one, however. Life goes on, I guess.

Newtown BOE sub committee meetings, 2012

(Sorry about the tiny type. Zoom in or click here  for a better view.)

Go here  for the 12-14-12 meeting agenda, reproduced below. You’ll see that the meeting took up old business about a “potential Early Retirement Incentive program.”

Screen Shot of Agenda

On a mournful winter’s evening.  It does seem odd that a finance sub-committee meeting would take place on Friday, December 14, 2012 @ 7:30 p.m. at 3 Primrose Street on the same day of an alleged massacre. To invite public discussion and cover early retirement incentives.

Was the meeting cancelled? If so, wouldn’t there be a cancellation notice, such as the one appearing for the March 1st meeting? It would seem so.

Perhaps it was Yankee/Vulcan stoicism that ruled in favor of holding the meeting despite the tragic losses that preceded it. The mourning could be put off long enough to discuss practical matters of finance. It’s possible. Cinderella has known many of these chilly types, never flinching in the face of loss and destruction.

No minutes. Unfortunately, Cinderella could find no minutes for this night-of-the-tragedy meeting. Lacking those, we must use our own powers of imagination to fill in the blanks. As usual, Cinderella leaves that to the discernment of her dear readers.