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Cinderella’s Broom would like to point to seven alternative news and opinion sources, all well-established sites that have supported this blog, despite its narrow focus and a fiction experiment (The Sorcerer of Wry) that may not appeal to the majority in the alternative audience.

More important, these are among the finest and most talented online social critics, researchers and journalists, covering pivotal and vexing topics that the mainstream press carefully avoids.

They are not all neatly aligned toward the same political slant, but I fully support diversity of opinion within the truth movement, because the truth is never simple. Please visit them.

Thank you. ~C


Fellowship of the Minds web site.

Sofia Smallstorm’s About the Sky  web site and blog.

PP Simmons Facebook and web site.

Memory Hole Blog.

Tyranny News Network Youtube channel.

Desultory Heroics web site.

Chemtrails Planet web site.



One thought on “7 favorites.

  1. Thank you, Cinderella’s Broom, for including Fellowship of the Minds among your recommended favorites. I am humbled and very honored. ❤

    Count me among your admirers — for your tenacity in investigating the truth, despite not-so-subtle threats and attempts to intimidate you, and for your elegant, enchanting writing!

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