What Alex Jones said about Sandy Hook.

Against a backdrop of Hillary Clinton’s recent drubbing of alternative media, in particular Alex Jones of Infowars, here is an old video that provides evidence of what the talk show host once said about Sandy Hook.


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  1. What about Jones being accountable for ONCE! He posted a photo crediting state police with source, took it down quickly, then got divorced and has to pay enough money to run Infowars to his ex wife and he doesn’t answer to anyone, BUT = SCREW YOU from Jones. No accountability! BUT he didn’t say there were child actors Hillary got it wrong and SHE should be held accountable too… BY THE MEDIA…. wonder what happened to Wolfgang??????


    1. Wolfgang Halbig is still trying to get his FOIA requests answered as far as I know. Regarding Hillary, she misquoted Jones. Regarding Jones, he seems to have dropped the Sandy Hook discussion, but when it comes up, I have heard him refer to various suspicious aspects of the SH coverage (such as the green screen behind Anderson Cooper) and he alludes to the suspicions of law enforcement experts. The Infowars video clearly evinces that, at least at one time, Jones was suspicious of the official SH story. I have no reason to believe he has changed his mind.


  2. The Ruling Elite – who are decades ahead of us, and who likely had the “alternative media” planned well in advance – have Alex Jones and Glenn Beck in their pocket.

    The basic assignment for both Jones and Beck is to pull back the curtain just far enough to make the many truth-seekers they’ve drawn in feel as though they’re now “awake”.

    Sandy Hook was first and foremost a THEATRICAL PRODUCTION. (For proof, see
    https://fellowshipoftheminds.com/2016/02/11/sandy-hook-fake-o-lympics-medalists/ )

    Jones and Beck – showmen themselves – both know this. But saying so would pull back the curtain too far…

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    1. I guess one way to find out would be to follow the money trail. Who funds Jones? Who funds Beck? As far as I know, Jones is self-funded through products he sells via his online store, subscriptions and Youngevity products. If you have other factual information on his funding stream or affiliations, please do share. Beck seems to take whatever he can get from his political and media alliances. Anyway, the two don’t toe the same line. I agree they’re both successful as showmen, but so was George Carlin. Do most people go back to sleep after part of the truth has been revealed to them? Probably. Most people don’t really want to be around for the late show. I agree that the SH spectacle is a theatrical phenomenon – a masque is what I like to call it, because it is not about entertainment (unless you’re a member of the club), it is about re-education and the establishment of a false peace.


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