Fake news: Really?

This is Titus Frost’s most recent steemit report on the suspected D.C. pedophilia ring activities now being described as “Pizzagate.”

The Youtube video embedded in that report is below, followed by one on the same subject by investigator Doug Hagmann.

Titus Frost: #PizzaGate Update, Nov. 22, 2016

Hagmann & Hagmann Report: Pizzagate: Pedophilia, Nov. 22, 2016

These reports include allegations of child sexual abuse conducted in establishments owned or frequented by people closely associated with the Clinton campaign.

According to many alternative sources, coded terms that pertain to pedophilia were found within the Podesta emails released by Wikileaks. It was Wikileaks that also first revealed the relationship between Tony & John Podesta and the “spirit cooking” Marina Abramovic.

The content of these videos and what they point toward is depraved and sickening, to say the least. But the mainstream media is currently denying the credibility of the investigations, the alternative sources and the very idea that a “family establishment” could actually be a criminal hub.

Other investigators are suggesting that the Pizzagate story is being purposely released by  operatives in order to provoke a public outcry and incidents that will lead to online censorship. (Click here. And here. And you may as well look at this, too.) Considering what we’re dealing with here (Hegelian dialectic-ians), it can’t be dismissed as a possibility.

Nor can the notion that the public is being poked and tested once again to gauge its tolerance for depravity – as articles appear that plead the case for its acceptance.

Whose children? Cinderella’s question is:  Where are the parents of the babies and children in the Pizzagate photographs? These children didn’t come out of nowhere. Why are their parents silent? If, indeed, these photos are innocent, as James Alefantis has claimed, why don’t the depicted children’s parents come forward to set things straight? If these photos document crimes, all the more reason for parents to intervene, unless the parents:

Please investigate this story for yourself. Not all horror stories are fiction. And while this one, involving exploited children, sounds all too familiar, there may be much more beneath the surface.

Update: Many more video links below.

Payday Monsanto: FBI: We Are Investigating Pizzagate, Nov. 23, 2016

Marty Leeds 33: The De-Occulting of John Podesta, Nov. 6, 2016

Barry Soetoro: Pizzagate – Attack on Free Speech? Nov. 25, 2016

Level Nine Media: James Alefantis Answers Questions, Nov. 22, 2016

David Seaman: NYT’s Defense of Pizzagate, Nov. 25, 2016

SGT Report: #PizzaGate: Hundreds of Children Missing, Nov. 28, 2016

Reality Calls: More of Creepy Podesta’s Art Collection, Nov. 30, 2016

Truth Media Revolution: McCauley Culkin Knows the Truth About the Pizza Underground

In this last video, note the reference to underground structures; that is to say, tunnels. Does this call to mind anything for Cinderella readers?

Finally,  here is an article by Dave Hodges, “Pizzagate Traced to Fairfax County, Virginia.”


7 thoughts on “Fake news: Really?

  1. Cinderella, hi…and thanks for this info. I’m just wondering if you have read Doug Hagmann’s excellent book, Stained by Blood. It is a true story and has everything to do with exactly what is going on with the filth who sit in the highest seats of power in DC. I highly recommend it. Also, I have been noticing that some of the strange symbols being used in relation to the so-called “PizzaGate” scandal, are very similar to some of the symbology used in the Sandy Hook event. I have long believed that the biggest players in Sandy Hook are pedophiles, and that is the real reason they must keep a lid on it. I am attaching a few photos to show you what I mean. Are my eyes playing tricks on me?

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    1. Hi, Maryaha ~ Thanks for your comment. No, I haven’t read Hagmann’s book (which I understand is a fictionalized version of a true story) but hope to get to it sometime soon. Unfortunately, you can’t post attachments to this blog, but I will explore the subject you mention on my own. People who have secrets often use code words and symbols. That is a statement of the obvious. Keep looking, Maryaha. With best wishes ~C

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      1. Maryaha ~ If you want to post a link in a comment, I think that’s fine. Kindly describe what the content is before each link so that readers will be aware. Thank you. ~C


      2. Thank you Cinderella!

        I’m just interested in finding out if you and your readers see any similarity in some of the pedophile symbols and logos that have been the topic of the alternative media for the past few weeks, and symbols that were used in the Sandy Hook campaigns.

        Hands, small and large: https://www.amazon.com/photos/share/GTyGyVWeG1yjDWCixcprm2iZS4DE1pvzbJuLdCnGa7u

        Symbols, logos, and lots of hearts: https://www.amazon.com/photos/share/ZrRe5MwJhnObhXTG1ZZFs6BVboGcBPuiD0BmDaweoH3

        Fallen angels with stars: https://www.amazon.com/photos/share/bZlQCcXnXvOfHja3UDbUi5d1oov87o6zSwONZAvOBFx

        I’ve been seeing these everywhere.

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      3. Thank you for sharing this with all of us, Maryaha. I agree: these symbols bear a strong resemblance to those mentioned in the Pizzagate videos. Keep us updated if you find more. ~C


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