Reality cries.

Soft-spoken Tara, aka, is one of the researchers who provided matter-of-fact tweets and videos based on odd findings in the Podesta emails released by Wikileaks.

Tara recently appeared on the Hagmann & Hagmann show. (Click here. Her testimony begins at the 31:10 mark.)

Accusing Tara of acting in a “predatory manner” against James Alefantis, Youtube removed one of her videos, which examined his then-public Instagram account. Many researchers like Tara noted that his Instagram messages referenced children with sexual innuendo.

As Tara explains, her videos focused on the suspect public domain declarations of someone who is reportedly the 49th most powerful person in Washington, who visited the WH five times and whose tiny pizza shop has been the site of numerous Democrat fund-raising activities for Clinton and Obama. For links to Tara’s work, go here.

While researchers like Tara are being censored, videographer “Barry Soetoro” has been busy providing warnings that “pizzagate” is being used as bait to ensnare well-meaning researchers. A censorship agenda is afoot, he has been telling us. And it seems he was right about that. You can watch his latest video on the subject here.

“Barry Soetoro” has much to say about Sandy Hook, too. For his crowning achievement on that subject, go here.  Are these subjects connected? Well, fake news, crisis actors, &c.  And there is the matter of White House visits, as reported by Enterthe5t4rz.*

Beyond this, one can only speculate.


Update: Two more excellent commentaries on pizzagate below:

Smallstorm interview on Sage of Quay Radio

Alternative Right article by Andy Nowicki


*This was later retracted as more information became available. Click here for the retraction.



2 thoughts on “Reality cries.

  1. There are really two camps among the alternative research community, those who heavily promote the notion of disinformation and smear campaigns and those who consider it just another possibility. I’m in the latter camp. I figure there’s too much to be done for the bad guys to spend much time on ineffective tactics.

    My views on 9/11 follow these lines as well. I suspect 9/11 was a cover-up crime only planned within a year or two of the events. But I understand how difficult it must be to adopt this view after so much time looking into predictive programming of 9/11 dating back over a decade in some cases. But that may all be bogus.

    The journey of the independent journalist should be a lonely one, IMO. If your findings put you at odds with an albeit much smaller segment of the population, fellow Truthers, so be it. That being said, I’m not making strong efforts to unite independent journalists. After all, isn’t the goal to supplant the role of stewards of the people by MSM with more direct representation by people of our ilk?

    Maybe the deviciveness of the indies is simply our own doing and not so much the result of concerted efforts by the establishment? I think so. We may be more aware of the ugly side of civilization. But we’re also a smaller community subject to the same human tendencies of the larger society. Frankly, I suspect some solutions to big problems we can all agree exist are very simple. It’s just a matter of us all carrying out the steps.

    I suggest that people who agree simple solutions (relatively) exist work to develop initiatives with very narrow, but clear goals. So, unlike OWS which appeared not to even have the vaguest of goals set before hand, set the goal first and work backwards from there. But that may still not be enough. I also suggest looking for opportunities to unite. Currently, there’s a lot of vanity and trepidation in our community. Some even hope to have successful careers in the truth movement, not unlike career politicians. I’ve taken to looking for the signs. If someone doesn’t get excited about solutions, buy does when describing the godlike powers of the establishment, move on. But something has to give. We can do this.

    Thanks for providing a platform for my unintended diatribe. I do look to this blog with the expectation that a solution or a breakthrough will emerge right here.

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  2. Thank you for your astute insights and vote of confidence. Like you, I believe in individual efforts, and count on you to keep making yours. All the best ~C.


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