Mendacity 8.0

Surprise, surprise. Barack Obama’s birth certificate is a fabrication (a “fraudulently manufactured document”), say two forensic document experts working on two different continents without each others’ knowledge. Separately, each found nine points of forgery. See below for investigator Mike Zullo’s testimony:

PNN Exclusive report on 9-point Obama birth certificate fraud – Press Release Video

Barry Soetoro: Proof Obama forged birth certificate

Hagmann & Hagmann: Public office requires the public’s trust

Infowars: Sheriff Arpaio proves Obama’s birth certificate is forged

This simply adds another fake beard to the imposter kit that Barack Obama has been carrying around with him for eight years in the White House. As Sandy Hook researchers already know, Obama uses multiple social security numbers, one of which was originally issued in 1977 to one Harrison J. Bounel, who likely died in the Fairfield State Hospital in Newtown, CT.

Details on that here.

Mainstream media, the self-declared magistrate in determining what constitutes fake news and what doesn’t, will likely ignore this latest proof of Obama’s false composite identity.

“What difference does it make?” As for Barry, he may as well steal Hillary’s line. He’s already proven himself to be a thief of other people’s birth certificate stamps and social security numbers.

So far, Obama has attempted to deflect the issue by (1) promising Russia reprisals over their falsely reported “hacking” into the U.S. election, and (2) promptly bundling off  troops to an area near the Russian border.

To Cinderella this sounds like a false-flag-in-the-making of biblical proportions. Prepare yourself. Obama seems to be readying himself for the biggest lie of his career.








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  1. I have been away from my email for some time. I just returned to find something missing…James Tracy’s Memory Hole Blog. Has it been taken down? I very much appreciate your blog,as well. -Ray M.


    1. Thanks, Ray. Long story on memoryholeblog. You can imagine who took it down, I think. After being moved to a different platform, it was available for private viewers who requested access and were approved. But it seems to be no longer accessible. I wish I knew more. Best regards. ~C


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