Swamp monsters.

Two articles on strange doings at the State Department are found here and here.

The first of these is about an internal dissent memo against Pres. Trump’s temporary immigration ban, signed by 900 State Department officials.

The second is about one State Department employee, Monika Wesolowski, whose job was threatened because she had been keeping a portrait of President Trump on her desk. During her recent interview about this issue with Dave Hodges, she mentioned that her office produces publications on child sex trafficking that point a finger at African operations, but ignore instances occurring here at home.

The miasma thickened after this interview, with various anonymous attempts to interfere with the interview itself, photos related to it and a business owned by Ms. Wesolowski’s father.

Subsequently, Ms. Wesolowki was stalked by a man in a car, who followed her from her residence.

Police and family have urged her not to return home. For the full account, go here.

Update: More on this story is surfacing. Click here for information on how this relates to other investigations of child trafficking and, notably, Ms. Wesolowski’s relationship to a deceased investigator working under former congressman Frank Wolf.

A related interview with investigator Douglas Hagmann is available here.


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      1. I know Monica personally and she has been through hell and back simply because she is a conservative Christian living and working among a sea of reprobates. She is a great person and very courageous to continue to live in the heart of the beast.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this information and reblogging the links. I will keep Monika in my prayers. She is, indeed, brave, but also very wise to share her story and remain vigilant. Thanks again. ~C.

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