American pedophilia.

It seems that organized pedophilia has been as American as apple pie since, at least, the 20th century. It has secretly cornered the young, destroying them, body, mind and soul, while flashing satanic symbols at benighted adults who, more often than not, do not want to know. Dereliction of duty toward the young has simultaneously become a trance-like American phenomenon.

In this recent Dark Journalist video, Daniel Liszt interviews Cathy O’Brien, author of  Trance: Formation of America, a groundbreaking account of her exploitation by the political elite through MK-ultra experiments. Brutally raped from the time she was a young child, O’Brien broke the story at a time when almost no one would listen.

They’re listening now. Go here for Joe Rogan’s recent interview of Alex Jones on “pizzagate,” the Podesta brothers, Hillary Clinton and Anthony Wiener. Wikileaks emails are prominently featured.

Recently, outspoken CBS news anchor Ben Swann “disappeared” after delivering an exposé on the subject, leaving a social media breadcrumb trail. He returned to the air on Feb. 3rd, but only after deleting his social media accounts and locking up his Truth in Media website.

But the American pedophilia story is not going away, despite the MSM’s determination to ignore it; deflect citizen journalists from it with charges of fake news and libel; or smother leaks.

Former MSM journalist David Seaman, currently on the warpath against government pedophiles, rants about the issue here.

Finally, as an update, a story on Jeffrey Sandusky’s recent arrest for attempts to entice two underage girls into sexual acts. Jeffrey’s famous father, Penn State’s former football coach Jerry Sandusky, is currently serving a prison sentence for years of pedophile activities committed against young boys. The poisoned apple hasn’t fallen far from the poisoned tree.