High noon.

The uptick in reports and videos of a dire or sordid nature has been very noticeable of late. A critical mass seems imminent.

Here are some examples.

From Dave Hodges & Mike Adams: Adams & Jones Taken Down by Google/CIA

(After refusing to accept a $100,000 bribe to provide defamatory information about alternative news commentator Alex Jones, Mike Adams took a hit himself: his web site was wiped off of Google.)

From SGT Report: Illuminati Human Trafficking and Satanic Ritual Sacrifice Exposed

From Jonathan Kleck: Cannibalistic World Government

(The above video includes a long segment of the SGT video spliced with other footage, including a comparison of Hillary Clinton’s odd neurological symptoms to a textbook case of kuru, a disease¬† linked with cannibalism.)

From AMTV: Warning: False Flag Alien Invasion (Based on recent NASA “disclosures”)

From SHTF: Insider Bill Gates Warns: Bioweapon Could Kill Hundreds of Millions of People

From Public Intelligence Blog/Robert Steele: Memorandum for the President – Warning on a Violent American Spring

Mike Adams (click on the first link above) speculates that the latest censorship moves are an attempt to silence major alternative commentary prior to a key event, such as a false flag, a civil war, an assassination, a secession, a severe “weather” event, or a calamity in the financial market.

You can continue to access Mike Adams’s Natural News articles and videos by keying naturalnews.com into your browser. Or go to Good Gopher, a search engine that includes many alternative sources of real news.

You can also sign a White House petition to end Google’s censorship of independent media here.

Thank you. ~C