Vampire hunting.

Certain elites, deep state operatives, popes and priests, politicians, coaches, children’s charities and adoption agencies, government child protection agencies, academicians and pedagogues, the silent media and, of course, the banksters, all seem to have colluded in the creation of a vast pedophile/child trafficking network.

At the heart of it (if it can be called that)  is something commonly referred to as satanic ritual abuse.

Sick to death of the innocent lives lost to depraved criminals?

The only way to pierce the heart of the vampire is to expose the issue to light and push for real law enforcement. More alternative researchers are doing this in the face of serious threats, calumny and lies against a backdrop of mainstream media silence.

Here is one of the best and most recent exposés.


5 thoughts on “Vampire hunting.

  1. Thanks, Maryaha, for this link. Michael Heiser is a very good scholar of ancient texts. I wish I had more time to read, but his will be among the books on my reading list. Thanks again. ~C


    1. You are very welcome. You and I must listen to a lot of the same people. SGT, Dave Hodges, Hagmann and Hagmann, and so many others.

      Just wondering…do you know anything about Cris Putnam’s cause of death?


  2. As far as I know, he died because of health problems. Called back. His work speaks for itself. I’m grateful he was able to leave such a fine legacy, but very sorry for his loved ones.


    1. I feel sort of the same way I felt when David Flynn died. Maybe they discovered something that it wasn’t time to know just yet. Thanks for the info, Cinderella.


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