“Speed dialed” to the scene of the crime.

From International News Daily comes this recent article by James Tracy on Al Barbarotta of AFB Construction Management and Conveo Energy, who transferred furniture from the Sandy Hook Elementary School to Monroe’s Chalk Hill School on Dec. 15, 2012. That’s one day after the alleged shooting. Nice quick work if you can get it.

The article supplies evidence of Barbarotta’s long association with Gov. Dannel Malloy and a history of lucrative contracts awarded to AFB by the State of Connecticut since 1999.

It’s tough to follow the money stream in the Sandy Hook story because there are so many rivulets and tributaries.

Easier to follow the major renovations in bricks, mortar and décor. In January 2013, Chalk Middle School became a miracle of reconstruction when crews reportedly began creating a Sandy Hook Elementary replica “down to the crayons on the desks” within its walls.

From the ABC News article linked in the preceding paragraph (bf itals are mine):

“Teachers photographed their classrooms at Sandy Hook in order to replicate everything about them, from the pictures on the walls to the crayons left on the students’ desks. This is all part of an effort to make the students feel as comfortable as possible.

“Workers completely retrofitted the former middle school to fit the needs of its young students, including tearing out bathrooms that were made for teenagers and rebuilding them for elementary-aged kids.

So, when were the photos taken? After the school had become a crime scene? As for the retrofit, we wonder who was speed-dialed for that contract.