The nobody club.

Most of us belong to it. We’re not famous or rich or recipients of the plastic surgery that makes the transhumans look better without their clothes on than we do.

We go to work, we support our families (most of them ungrateful and staunchly snoring), we put up with a lot of crap from the government, school systems and other people. We obey the law and when we don’t, we pay the price or go to jail.

Every time we go grocery shopping, we’re forced to look at the faces of those in the Somebody Club, displayed in the tabloid covers at the checkout counter. We’re supposed to worship these blighted, bereft devils, some of whom  get away with murder.

Some of us see through it all and want to expose what’s behind the director’s curtain. It doesn’t make us special. We’re all in the nobody club.

Max Resistance recently posted “The Two Tiered Justice System” on this subject with reference to Sandy Hook. In it, you’ll find many goodies about the baddies that rule in Connecticut.

Click here for facts on one nobody club member, a young man who was jailed for phone calls he made to the Sandy Hook event’s coroner, Wayne Carver. How has this nobody fared in the hands of Connecticut’s corrupt system? And how does his treatment compare with that of an armed robber and a criminal trespasser, both related to Somebody Club Member Gov. Dannel Malloy?  Read the article and find out.

Related items in the article are equally fascinating. Read them all and click on the links.