Twist of fame.

Fame is a preoccupation of the immature. It’s the business of appealing to flawed (often depraved) human tastes, obsessions and cravings.

What’s the price of fame?

For some unfortunates – many of them the children of immature parents – the goal of fame drives them straight into the snare. This isn’t just shameful, it’s tragic.

Click here for the testimony of Jon Robberson on the fate of Hollywood’s fame-obsessed. Robberson has been there and gives convincing testimony on the very real contracts that some of these poor souls have made with the Enemy to their detriment and destruction. Fame is a slave collar.

Cinderella highly recommends obscurity. If you’re seeking a way to magnify yourself, you’re probably on the wrong path.

Here’s a thought: When someone seeks media limelight after a tragedy, be very suspicious. Authentic grief, like an authentic life, doesn’t require a magnifying mirror.