Courageous women.

As the pedophiles and principalities at the helm of our planet continue attempts to destroy our bodies, our food, our morality, the atmosphere and the soil itself, there is hope. Hear what two courageous women share on these subjects and many others in this interview by Sean Turnbull of SGT Report.

Ella Draper is the mother of the “Hampstead Coverup children,” victims of horrific abuse by a pedophile network that Ms. Draper exposed. The state took her children from her as a consequence, and she hasn’t seen them in more than two years.

Sofia Smallstorm is a well-known author, interviewer and investigator whose web site, About the Sky, contains a plethora of information on topics ranging from chemtrails to 9-11-01 and the transhumanist agenda.

Click here for SGT’s interview of these remarkable women.

More links.

  • See also the original Turnbull interview of Ms. Draper here.
  • Ella’s website (Free the Hampstead 2) contains testimony by her young children. The contents are shocking; if you are a parent especially, be prepared for heartache.
  • For still more testimony on the depravity that underlies the illusions most people still cling to as their false reality, click here for an interview with former Hollywood insider Jon Robberson.