Veterans for Child Rescue.

Former Navy Seal Craig Sawyer is fighting child trafficking right where it is happening via a national non-profit organization, Veterans for Child Rescue.

Sawyer’s funding and media operation is in support of recent raids against pedophile rackets. More than 3,000 criminals have been arrested since Trump was inaugurated, yet the mass media gives the subject almost no attention.

Is it any wonder? On a recent Hagmann & Hagmann show, journalist Liz Crokin estimated that 33% of government political insiders are pedophiles, based on her research. 33%! Obviously, the media does not want to ruffle the feathers of the Pedophiles-That-Be.

Sawyer’s group will work in concert with federal and local law enforcement sources to root out ritualistic abuse of children by foundations (some of them are “charities”) and well-heeled individuals and “families.” One of the groups that Sawyer is investigating is the Muslim Brotherhood.

His organization comes with credentials. Members include intelligence officers, law enforcers and military operatives.

Sawyer also intends to put a searchlight on pedophile networks through his own documentary series. “Sunlight is the best antiseptic for corruption,” he says.

Unfortunately, Sawyer’s attempts to fund his operation through YouCaring ended after Infowars talk-show host Alex Jones made a $10,000 contribution.  The bogus pretext for the dismissal was “violation of terms of service,” but a request for clarification of the said violation was met with refusal by YouCaring.

How caring is that?

Apparently, attempts to dismantle the invisible pedophilia empire are not considered to be acts of caring by crowd-sourcing agents like YouCaring – or the mainstream media.

But most normal, caring, awake people are applauding.

Applaud with your support. Go to for more information.