Fooled again.

For Richie Allen’s recent interview of David Icke on the U.S. attack of Syrian airfields based on false intelligence, click here.

An interesting video from Jonathan Kleck points out the telegraphing going on in popular movies and TV series, such as Homeland. A lot can be gleaned about the current stage of the agenda from cleverly crafted scripts, silly as many of them seem on the surface.

AMTV’s Christopher Greene lends his interpretation to the attack, speculating that Trump may be bluffing to gain leverage over China and to slip through the noose that the deep state has been tightening since the inauguration. Click here for his analysis.

Finally, this post from FOTM exposes the hypocrites and sociopaths currently supporting Mr. Trump’s Tomahawk missile strike.

People all across the political spectrum owe it to themselves to look past the media’s trumpeting and dissembling and wake up to the inconvenient truths behind this latest chess move toward war. What we can see is based on lies and false flag maneuvers. The real war is going on invisibly and inexorably.