Seized away.

Paul McGuire describes the resurrection of our Lord and the pre-tribulation gathering, which is the promise to Christians of rescue from the planet. Click here.

For a Good Friday description of Jesus’ passion and resurrection, click here.

For point-by-point instruction on the gathering, click here for a lecture by Robert Breaker.


2 thoughts on “Seized away.

  1. Cinderella, thank you for all the great videos you link to. I just finished listening to thr Hagmann and Hagmann show from last night (4/14), and it was SO GOOD! L.A. Marzulli was their guest for hours 2 and 3.

    Have a very blessed Easter.


  2. Hi, Maryaha ~ Thanks so much. I’m going to post the Marzulli segment along with another link. I am a follower of his and hope more people will listen to his message. Wishing you a blessed Easter. ~C


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