I spy hypocrites and liars.

Obama bypassed U.S. laws and used foreign intelligence to spy on Donald Trump – and who knows how many other U.S. citizens? Judge Andrew Napolitano’s disclosure on Fox News first broke this information, for which he was taken off the air. But he has since stood by his statement.

From Zero Hedge: Judge Napolitano returns to Fox News, stands by claim

From Next News Network: Judge Napolitano risked everything to say this 1 thing on Fox News today

More recently, CIA director Mike Pompeo has called Wikileaks a “hostile intelligence service,” in a strange about-face. It all seems to depend on who the target is and who is doing the spying.

Meantime, as “Barry Soetoro” has conscientiously reported, “Barack Hussein Obama” has absented himself from the discussion – possibly never to return from his Tahitian refuge, safe from extradition. See also this.