Silence isn’t an option.

Building a wall will help reduce human trafficking. Donald Trump is saying it, and so is political journalist Liz Crokin.

She said it here (on Hagmann & Hagmann) and said much more about the monstrous shadow under which children live where sharia law is imposed and liberal loonies defend it in what must be the most flagrant example of hypocrisy and perfidy ever to be ignored by the mainstream media. The shadow is being cast over all of us.

For writing on subjects like this, Crokin is being black-listed. A seasoned journalist and advocate for sex victims, her outspokenness about pedo-predation has resulted in financial backlash. Making a living as an independent journalist may no longer be an option in a marketplace of ideas controlled by pedophiles.

Silence isn’t an option either, however. Crokin’s laser beam will continue to illuminate the crud in the corner and under the rug one way or another.

This recent disclosure by disaffected bankster Ronald Bernard substantiates what she’s up against.