Invasion of the mind snatchers.

SGT Report has one of many good alternative Youtube channels being punished for its views by Youtube/Google. The method has been to withdraw advertising from the channels on the pretext of objectionable content.

But something more nefarious is afoot, according to SGT.

Youtube seems to be actively diverting subscribers or manipulating shares, views and other statistics that impact the monetization and survival of these channels. Changing algorithms, hiding subscriber information and other shifty techniques are rife.

Behind it all is the corporate-funded, deep-state-controlled fist of the mainstream media seeking to supplant its competitors in online media. The reason is that mainstream media is dying. Everyone knows why. Tired of the bs and the corporate-controlled fake “news” on traditional media, a wary public has turned to online sources for information in record numbers.

Until recently, that information has been free because it was possible for good alternative sources to fund themselves through advertising, until Youtube and others pulled the funding rug out from under them.

SGT is trying to regain ground by requesting funding through Patreon. Others, like AMTV, have established their own platforms and are withdrawing from Youtube altogether. It isn’t hard to see where this is going. Soon, only a minority willing to pay for it will receive real news from the truth media. Free-access web sites devoted to truth, such as FOTM and aboutthesky,  are rare gems.  Unpaid weekend bloggers help, but are feeble compared to video news sources in the truth movement that broadcast to the world, troopers that are fighting for their lives currently.

The consensually blind majority will be taken for a ride by “free” fake news, brought to them by the six mega-corporations that own mainstream media.

This isn’t about entertainment or even business as usual. It’s about mind control.

As you flip around the Internet (or, God forbid, your teevee) , take a close look at what the advertisers want you to see and hear. Why are monstrosities like “Lucifer” and “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” considered acceptable while Christian-based or alternative perspectives like SGT are considered “objectionable”?

It’s obvious what the naive are being programmed to accept: Satanism. Pedophilia. Cannibalism. The obliteration of normative sexual orientation and behavior. The desecration of Christian principles under the guise of “tolerance” for violent political ideologies like Islam or perversion in general. Artificial human relationships in which anything truly human is out the window, including your sanity, your sensibilities, your faith in God, your compass and, most of all, your freedom.

And it’s being done not through a competitive marketplace of ideas, but through censorship and trickery.

This brief report says it all: Something Very Nefarious Is Going on at YouTube

Please devote 12 minutes to watching it, and consider making a donation to help fund your favorite alternative news source(s).