“Seth Rich is the domino.”

Due to my own time constraints, I haven’t put together a compendium of links to recent breakthrough research by alternative sources and investigators on the Seth Rich murder.

I was delighted to see that SGT Report has done a fine job of summarizing recent developments.

From SGT Report: Seth Rich Bombshells Will Bring Hillary and Podesta To Their Knees – Bix Weir

Included in this video:

  • Multiple statements of fact by Liz Crokin, investigative journalist for WND, from a recent interview on Hagmann & Hagmann.  “The media is complicit.”
  • A reminder by Titus Frost that attorney and Sanders supporter Sean Lucas was another victim, whose murderers are likely connected to those of Seth Rich.
  • Kim Dotcom’s willingness to testify and identify Seth Rich as the leaker of Clinton and Podesta emails to Wikileaks. “I know that Seth Rich was involved in the DNC leak.”
  • Discussion of former DNC interim chairwoman Donna Brazile’s attempts to warn off the private investigator of Seth Rich’s murder.  (Last year, Brazile was revealed to have fed Hillary questions prior to a presidential debate.)
  • “There is an ongoing battle that didn’t just start during the election. It started decades ago… this is an ongoing battle for the sovereignty of the United States.” – Bix Weir
  • “Assassinations ordered from the highest levels of our government are real … The deep state is alive and well, and what’s happening in the Seth Rich case is showcasing that for all of us. It’s an opportunity for all of us to take the red pill and wake up.” -Sean Turnbull

JOHN PODESTA: “I’m definitely for making an example of a suspected leaker whether or not we have any real basis for it.” – The Podesta Emails, Wikileaks


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