Who’s grieving? This dog or these Sandy Hook parents?

Compare real canine grief to fake human grief. Note that the dog couldn’t care less about the camera pointed at him; he is beside himself with grief ; whereas the “bereaved” parents are camera-ready, smiling, articulate and 100% in control of themselves.

Fellowship of the Minds

Molika Ashford writes for Live Science, Dec. 28, 2010:

“People often assign feelings to animals […] But scientists haven’t determined whether these human-like expressions really mean anything. […]

Scientists believe that certain brain cells in humans called spindle cells are responsible for human social behavior and the interplay between thoughts and feelings. Studies have revealed that chimpanzee, dolphin and whale brains also possess spindle cells. Although these are all animals that can act people-like, the presence of these cells does not mean that the animals have feelings.

Even animals that don’t have spindle cells, such as dogs, have shown behaviors that can suggest a human-like social sense. In recent experiments, dogs have shown that they know to follow a human’s pointed finger to find a food treat. Scientists report that this shows dogs are sensitive to human social cues and are able to correctly interpret them. Still…

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