“Nobody Died” – the color version.

Even if you already have a B&W copy of “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook,” you owe it to someone (yourself or a friend/family member) to get the color version (only $30). That’s because the photos in the original are often hard to see clearly in B&W.

Get it here at Moonrock Books. You’ll find other books on related topics (fraud; false flag events) conveniently available at the same site.

Many already know that the original “Nobody Died” (edited by Prof. James Fetzer, with 13 other contributors that include six retired Ph.D.-level professors) was banned by amazon.com after 500 copies were sold.  You can find a free copy of the book online, but I encourage my readers to buy the book to help fund other books like it and related truth-movement efforts.

Go here for more reasons why you should.