SH: In a crowded room.

Now and again, I pause to reflect on the odd juxtapositions and inconsistencies in  Sandy Hook Event lore. If you still have it in you, it’s worth a laugh (or a cry) to review them, and to wonder why so many people still do not see them.

For instance, the inconsistencies around Mary Ann Jacob’s testimony. Ms. Jacob was the library clerk who is reported to have saved the lives of 18 Sandy Hook fourth graders. Hailed as a hero,  she is featured in this video shortly after the event, stoutly facing the camera from behind a set of John Lennon-type sunglasses.

According to her, after discovering that a door would not lock near the library’s designated hiding place for such scenarios, she blocked “the library entrance” (according to a report in the New York Daily News) with a file cabinet and herded kids into a supply closet. She distributed paper and crayons and engaged the kids in coloring while waiting for the police.

This corresponds with a National Post story, dated Dec. 15, 2012:

Maryann Jacob, a clerk in the school library, was in the school with 18 fourth-graders when they heard a commotion and gunfire outside the room. She had the youngsters crawl into a storage room, and they locked the door and barricaded it with a file cabinet. There happened to be materials for coloring, “so we set them up with paper and crayons.”

The Washington Post likewise gives Jacob the hero spotlight:

Jacobs decided the students needed a distraction. She found scraps of paper and some crayons on the floor of the closet, and helped pass them out. As muffled screams continued over the loudspeaker, 18 fourth graders began to color.

But according to The New York Times, it was Yvonne Cech, the Sandy Hook Elementary School library media specialist,  who did the herding and locking:

In the library, Yvonne Cech, a librarian, locked herself, an assistant and 18 fourth graders in a closet behind file cabinets while the sound of gunfire thundered outside.

(Presumably Ms. Jacob was the assistant.)

Here is another report on Ms. Cech from a far more obscure source, The Greek Reporter. It matches up with the story in The New York Times:

When Cech, a Greek-American librarian, heard the first gunshots she locked herself, an assistant, and 18 fourth-graders in a closet behind file cabinets in the library.

“We spent 45 minutes locked in a closet during the shootings,” she said to local media in Connecticut after she made it out of the school building.

“The SWAT team escorted us out,” and then all 18 children were reunited with their parents.

In a Wikipedia entry on the Sandy Hook school shooting (which references two NYT articles and a BBC report), both women are credited:

School library staff Yvonne Cech and Maryann Jacob first hid 18 children in a part of the library the school used for lockdown in practice drills. Discovering that one door would not lock, they had the children crawl into a storage room, where Cech barricaded the door with a filing cabinet.

The point I’m trying to make is this: There are disparities between these reports as to who did what. If one of the women barricaded the door, where did she remain during the tense waiting period. In the library? If both barricaded the door, ostensibly that would leave the children in the storage room with no adults to administer crayons and paper. There is even inconsistency as to which door was barred – the library entrance or the storage room door.

By themselves these disparities may not be worthy of more than one raised eyebrow. But there is another disparity, a significant one,  between these reports and the video interview of Ms. Jacob, made on the day of the event.

In this  Youtube video, which includes the interview of Jacob, she states very clearly: “There was [sic] three other adults with me.”

THREE other adults? We know about Yvonne Cech. But who were the two others crowded into the supply room? It isn’t clear.

And what part did Ms. Jacob actually play in the Sandy Hook event? Was she the hero or the hero’s assistant? Was she working with three other adults or just one other adult?  Equally unclear.

Bookends. Who are these ladies who saved 18 schoolchildren? Yvonne Cech, who directs a public library in Connecticut, holds a master’s degree in library science. She directed an English language library in Switzerland, then moved back to the U.S. to serve as a library media specialist at Sandy Hook Elementary.  This is a background consistent with that of a professional librarian.

By contrast, Mary Ann Jacob has a background that doesn’t immediately call to mind library work. Before moving to Sandy Hook, she  was employed by logistics companies: USCO Logistics (as Sales Development Manager) and Kuehne & Nagel (as VP of Sales). (USCO was rebranded as Kuehne & Nagel in 2004.) She dropped out of the corporate realm to become a library clerk at Sandy Hook School in 2006 and served for four years (2009-13) as vice-chair of Newtown’s legislative council. She is currently a Fellow with Everytown for Gun Safety.


Logistics seems to be a critical function in military psychological ops. Listen to what another SH researcher has to say about that in this video around the 4:21 mark, in which he is discussing a military psy-op reserve unit in Kalamazoo, MI.  He explains why logistics can make or break a psy-op. You need someone who can design a plan and round up the essentials, getting them where they need to go quickly, seamlessly and cost-efficiently; things like people, water, food and port-a-potties, for instance.

Here is the a definition of “logistics” from Military Logistics is the processes, resources, and systems involved in generating, transporting, sustaining, and redeploying or reallocating materiel and personnel.


All of these facts about logistics may be beside the point. I am merely pointing them out. But it cannot be denied that the official story of the SHES librarian and clerk contains inconsistencies about the number of adults in the library storage room and which of them deserves the crown of laurels – if, indeed, anyone does.

The Sandy Hook event is loaded with inconsistencies like these. It’s up to citizen journalists to compile them for future researchers, an often thankless but always essential task.



Update: These comments come from a longtime reader, “Miss Marple / Anne”:

Dear Cinderella,

Thanks for all you do. I am back, although in a diminished capacity. A long story. Since you are ahead of the curve you probably have information below already. But the Cechs were new to me.

Regarding Yvonne Cech, the newfound SH librarian. She now heads the library in my former CT domicile, a hop and a skip down the road. Her daughter is a program associate at Everytown for Gun Safety. The husband is no slouch either. See here:
“Michael Cech has extensive experience in crisis and risk communication, as a practicing journalist for ten years and, subsequently, in roles in both government and the corporate arena. Michael has been instrumentally involved with risk communication and crises involving human health, the environment, murders, plane crashes and mass shootings.”




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  1. Great find! Sandy Hook is like the gift that keeps on giving. There is so many inconsistencies that it’s hard to keep track of them. Here’s one of my favorites: Adam’s death and location.
    1. Vance states he was lying in the hallway
    2. Kind of wound – first it was lower back portion of skull with upward trajectory (indicative of homicide) CFS 1200704597 00118939 p.32, 35 Then it became intraoral – CFS 1200704597 00101146. But there are hairs on the top of the barrel, suggesting that the gun was in contact with hair at the time it was fired. Not to mention the hole in the front top area of his hat…
    3. ATF states that he was leaving room 10 and encountered 2 officers in the school, retreated back to 10 and killed himself (weird since police didn’t breach until after he died) CFS 1200704559 Book 6 00151276 p.3
    4. That Adam was found in room 8 CFS 1200705354 Sec 16 p.4 , CFS 1200704559 Book 6 00122995 p.5, CFS 1200704559 Book 6 00019275 p.2,
    5. Hoboken’s CAD report states that he was killed by responding police CFS 1200704559 Book 8 00188555 p.6

    You’d think there wouldn’t be so many different narratives coming from one truth. Especially from officials that we should be trusting. Newtown Lt., ATF, an M.E that has been there for 30 or so years, officers that were there, or the police in NJ (that was in contact with CT)… How anyone could excuse these discrepancies and yet still find them as credible sources of truth is beyond my comprehension.

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  2. Thank you for your informative post. You’ve rekindled my interest. I’m planning to write a “cast of characters” or timeline so I can finally keep this convoluted story straight in my mind.

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  3. I, too, thank you for your perseverance in truth. I live in CT, not far from Sandy Hook. Awhile back, I searched for info on a haunting and mysterious 2004 death of an 18y old young man in Newtown. I found nothing, until I found your poignant blog post on Matthew Hunt. I highly recommend the excellent, eye-opening recent entries (August 1 & 2) on the ‘extra capsa:outside the box’ blog regarding Sandy Hook. Your post on Matthew inspired me to do some research, too. I wrote about it in the comments there.

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  4. Thanks, What’s In A Name. You refer to the blog, of course. Fascinating material. I’m grateful that someone with expertise in Gematria, and the numerical code that the illuminists weave into their evil deeds, is doing this research. I also encourage you in your efforts. All hands on deck. Blessings~C


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