The dead and injured of Las Vegas shooting massacre

There is a big difference between a hoax (Sandy Hook, imho) and a false flag event (Las Vegas). FOTM shows evidence of real carnage to which the only first response is human empathy and a desire to learn the truth.

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The term “false flag” has its origins in naval warfare where a flag other than the belligerent’s true battle flag is used as a ruse de guerre.

As the term is used in contemporary America, a false flag is an event that is contrived and manipulated by the authorities to achieve a covert agenda, e.g., gun control. The intended result is a “rallying around the flag” effect, wherein an inflamed populace is mobilized to support the preconceived agenda. The public is given an untruthful version of the event by government and/or the media, whether it be about the perpetrator(s) and/or victim(s). That real people actually died or were injured doesn’t mean the event isn’t a false flag.

Admittedly, if the October 1, 2017 Las Vegas shooting massacre in which 58 people were killed and more than 500 wounded was a false flag, it would mean there are…

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5 thoughts on “The dead and injured of Las Vegas shooting massacre

  1. Bull. That picture shows nothing of a sort (and I’ve studied it fully enlarged). Where are the people hit? Where’s the blood from entry/exit wounds? Where are all the bodies? Where’s the carnage? Where are the hundreds of ambulances needed for such a huge bloodbath? Where are the wounded screaming in pain? Where are the shredded limbs, skulls blown off, and entrails ripped out by 5.56mm rounds traveling at 2000+ fps? Have any of you people ever seen a real wound from a 5.56mm rifle? Just Google “5.56 battlefield wounds” and be prepared to lose your lunch. It’s horrific to say the least. I haven’t seen a single convincing pic or video (and, yes, I’ve seen that hokey Liveleaks video with conspicuously-absent entry/exit wounds and phony-looking transparent, bright red “blood”). What really blows my mind though is that they are actually setting “traps” for truthers; little rabbit holes for them to take to keep them distracted from the truth. Was it the 32nd floor or the 4th floor; was there someone in the crowd predicting it would happen 45 mins before the shooting; were there multiple shooters??? It’s all over Youtube. Bottom line: They faked a shooting, then sprinkled shiny objects all around to suck in and distract the alternative media – keeping them from figuring out the truth – while our mainstream media fed the rest of the world the lie. This world is a stage (a Satanic stage I might add). Maybe some will be able to see through the lies built on lies.

    This latest hoax has been ideal to sort out the fakes (false flaggers) from those that will say the word “HOAX”! I’ve unsubbed from ALL of the compromised, brainwashed idiots who refuse to call out the LV “shooting” as a hoax (including this blog and FOTM). The ones that are saying hoax, are having their Youtube videos removed as fast as they put them up. THOSE are the ones I will stay subbed to.


  2. Well, you’re entitled to your opinion, of course, Mr. Murdoch. And you can unsub from any blog you like. Let’s hope that the truth will out, whatever you or I or anyone else thinks. Early days, as they say. ~C.


  3. The week after the Las Vegas event my daughter traveled there with friends for a concert. She said the city was packed everywhere as usual. The only difference was the memorial area with flowers and candles. Seems what happened in Vegas stayed there and did not deter people from coming.

    A couple of oddities I’ve discovered. One person who was reported killed in Las Vegas was buried in the backyard of his country home in Tennessee. That’s where he wants to be said the widow, who received an unusual amount of msm coverage, not only because she was almost twice the age of her young husband. Their property was for sale at the time.

    Normally there are laws against burials in backyards, except for pet dogs and cats. Even that is against the law in Los Angeles. However, wood chippers and under barn floorboards became known burial grounds in Newtown, and I’m not talking about Fairfield Hills State Hospital. So I checked out the laws in Tennessee and you can indeed bury a body on your property. Could be that many bodies are pushing daisies in backyards of the Volunteer State.

    A number of people who reportedly survived Las Vegas have since died under strange circumstances. One such concert survivor was killed by a hit and run driver a few days ago while hitchhiking in Pahrump, Nevada. I have searched high and low to verify this person’s existebce, but found nothing. Then again, if you are in Pahrump it’s best to lay low – dead or alive.

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    1. Thanks for these astute insights, Miss Marple. So few are paying close attention! I’m still not sure what the Vegas shooting was, apart from being a false flag. People died, but the ones who died AFTERWARD are the ones whose pre-mortem statements merit the closest attention. I find that all of these happenings occur in a whirlwind, one upon the other, so that it’s nearly impossible to track them all, unless you are doing so full-time. Perhaps Sandy Hook is the only one this blog should examine. That event started it and, it seems, Sandy Hook keeps upchucking the contents of its entrails. I appreciate your clues and cues and, whenever there is time, will attempt to write more about them. Meantime, keep them coming! The more, the better. Gratefully ~ C.


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