FBI releases Swiss cheese on Sandy Hook.

Why would the FBI release three heavily redacted PDFs on the Sandy Hook event of 12-14-12 — this week?

If they’re attempting to beguile or distract the public, they scored a zero. The documents contain more white space than an empty mental asylum in Newtown.

Click here for the PDFs.

There are some interesting if useless segments in Part 1. Take a look.



9 thoughts on “FBI releases Swiss cheese on Sandy Hook.

  1. FBI Disinfo;propping up the official narrative.we all know that “Adam Lanza” is fiction. I saw that in the very beginning of this redact-a-crap.

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  2. Dear Cinderella,

    Thanks for all you do. I am back, although in a diminished capacity. A long story. Since you are ahead of the curve you probably have information below already. But the Cechs were new to me.

    Regarding Yvonne Cech, the newfound SH librarian. She now heads the library in my former CT domicile, a hop and a skip down the road. Her daughter is a program associate at Everytown for Gun Safety. The husband is no slouch either. See here:

    “Michael Cech has extensive experience in crisis and risk communication, as a practicing journalist for ten years and, subsequently, in roles in both government and the corporate arena. Michael has been instrumentally involved with risk communication and crises involving human health, the environment, murders, plane crashes and mass shootings.”


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  3. Hi Miss C,

    I’m in the process of catching up with all that was missed these last few months. It will take some time in addition to keeping up with current happenings. I read “SH: In a crowded room” and found the comment section closed, so I replied here. Can’t believe one of the SH actresses is now at my former local library, which by the way sits in a serene and beautiful setting.

    Don’t know if you’ve been keeping up with the SH actors from Redding. Something is in the works over there.


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  4. Hi again, Anne. I placed your comments from yesterday in an Update to my post on the Library Heroines. Thank you again! As for Redding, I must have missed that. Time has gotten away from me due to other projects. Now that you mention it, I’ll be on the lookout. Thanks once again for your contributions to this blog. Indebted & grateful. ~C


    1. Well, Anne, I guess if you can’t tell a dummy from a dead body, then the reverse is true, too. Ha ha. At least, this time, Mr. Fuchs has been caught in the net. Thanks so much for sharing this fascinating retrospective on his doings and, possibly, his undoing.


  5. Newtown Savings Bank is doing very well. Around the time of the Sandy Hook event the bank had around 950 million dollars in assets. Over one billion dollars is the current reported figure. John F. Trentacosta, president of Newtown Savings Bank, is well known from the SH event. So is his residence next door to the now ghostly Lanza place.

    Mr. Trentacosta is retiring to presumably rest on his laurels.
    NEWTOWN — Effective January 1, 2018, Kenneth L. Weinstein will succeed John F. Trentacosta as president and CEO at Newtown Savings Bank

    “Newtown Savings Bank is a community bank headquartered in Newtown, with over $1 billion in assets.”

    Swansong (Insanemedia) did a superb job on Trentacosta, his residence and The United Way. I suspect the Trentacosta home was used as command center that day in December almost five years ago.

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  6. Keen observations. A lot of people were enriched financially by Sandy Hook. Not least of all Newtown itself. Prior to that fateful day, it was struggling to pay it educational bills. Now, look. If people would just do that – look – they might see. I’m glad you’re still looking and Seeing and commenting. ~C.


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