The recent revelations in the FISA memo – and now the heavily redacted letter by Senator Chuck Grassley – are tied to a jumbo-sized jumble of nefarious activities. From corrupt attempts to snatch the presidential election results from its victor – to using overtly political means to obtain permission from the FISA court to conduct illegal wiretapping – to Pedogate – to the murder of Seth Rich – to the Iwan brothers, who accessed state secrets via treacherous members of the DNC – to a deep state attempt to subvert the Constitution and turn our republic into a bedlam of confusion and chaos.

In Cinderella’s opinion, no one is doing a better job of exposing it all than investigator Doug Hagmann, whose extemporaneous delivery of related subject matter happens every morning here.

Don’t be intimidated by the sheer massiveness of the mess. Follow him.


The Purge and the Saudi crackdown.

Sean Turnbull of SGT Report provides an excellent analysis – short and sweet – of the DNC’s crumbling edifice, linking it all the way to a money drought from the formerly obliging Saudis. From Donna Brazile’s recent disclosures to the arrest of numerous Saudi princes (including Bin Laden’s brother), Turnbull sums it up very succinctly. Watch it asap:

Right here.

The secret war room.

A new video from Jonathan Kleck exposes Obama’s activities (and those of his moles – still working from within the administration) since the election of Donald Trump.

It is a stinking morass and the predominant odor is that of sulfur. The video draws the connection between mortal efforts and What is directing it all. Highly recommended. ~C.

“It’s a business,” says CNN producer.

A dirty one, apparently.

Watch the Project Veritas video of CNN Supervising Producer, John Bonifield, spilling the beans on the business motives behind CNN’s obsessive coverage of the nauseating “Russian narrative.” Click HERE.

Hear what he has to say about journalistic “ethics” and pandering to ignorant liberal viewers. Then hear his, by now, much quoted statement about the fairy tale that his business has been chasing to the tune of millions of advertising dollars – all thanks to the gullibility and stupidity of the American non-reading, non-thinking public.

“It’s mostly bullshit right now.” Yup. You got that right. And, thanks to Project Veritas, we finally got the truth.

Pants on fire.

Former FBI Director James Comey, freshly terminated, is now saying that Trump tried to block his investigation of former National Security Adviser Flynn concerning collusion with Russia to turn the U.S. presidential election.

But on May 3rd, Comey testified that he received no hindrance to pursuing the “Russian” investigation for political reasons:

“But I’m talking about a situation where we were told to stop something for a political reason, that would be a very big deal. It’s not happened in my experience.” -James Comey, May 3, 2017

(The full story of Comey’s perjury is available here on Infowars.)

Devotées of Hillary Clinton, the TPP, NAFTA, Agenda 21 and other anti-human, anti-American policies are claiming that Comey, formerly their nemesis for investigating Clinton, was fired by Trump in order to end the investigation.

At the same time, mainstream media and leftwingers are ignoring new developments in the Seth Rich murder investigation. Based on numerous sources, including Julian Assange, former DNC staffer Rich is believed to have been the leaker of thousands of internal DNC emails posted by Wikileaks – emails that the DNC have insisted were “hacked” by Russians to cast Hillary in a bad light and turn the election.

If Rich was the leaker, it’s pretty obvious why his murder investigation won’t be a fakestream headliner. It would put all of the fakestreamers’  lies under a floodlight.

Already, the story of Seth Rich’s death is assuming the warts, twists and keloids of real life corruption, with testimony by an anonymous ER surgeon that Rich survived the assault.  According to the anonymous source, it was not until the next day that Rich ended up like Vince Foster and so many others who have run afoul of the Clintons.

You can listen to journalist/investigator George Webb go over the surgeon’s testimony point by point here.

For more commentary on the murder of Seth Rich based on facts, not fake, click on two videos by investigator Doug Hagmann here. And here.

This stage is condemned.

We’ve been quiet here at Cinderella’s Broom as the world stage turns. Our silence isn’t passivity or boredom, but the sound of research and election lag.

Currently, Cinderella is pursuing another line of inquiry on Sandy Hook that’s proving fruitful. It will require a long timeline, so be patient. In the meantime, I’ll post what seems like novel insight into topics that have a bearing on Sandy Hook.

Here’s a thought: Like the Sandy Hook event, this year’s electoral process was a modern masque, an upside-down-and-backwards show managed by elitists. Instead of inviting serious reflection on the many issues we face, it presented illusion in multiple acts. Entertainment. Spectacle. Mass histrionics. Is it any surprise? Of course not. A front row seat in the amphitheater is what passes for life these days.

On that theme, some observations that aren’t original, but bear repeating:

Gaslighting. Corporate media has been creating, packaging and branding the news for years, like bags of GMO popcorn. But now technology and mind-control techniques have enabled their political masters to fake the polls, flip the votes and gaslight the public. They can pump up their candidate with bogus virtues and botox, magnify the sins of the opposition and steal the show. And when you, the astute observer, point this out to your liberal friends, you are the crazy one. Who wants to be the token paranoid? You probably maintained an uneasy silence.

Last-minute script changes. Prior to the election, the Democrat governor of Virginia released and granted voting rights to 60,000 convicted felons, creating a sudden surge of Hillary fans. She won the state by around 60,000 “popular” votes, perhaps coincidentally; perhaps not. But what a move. The acting governor must have had a good laugh at the expense of his constituents.

Hollywood. Need I say more? The usual suspects, from Cher to that sociopath Amy Schumer, were out in full spate, telling us useless eaters what to think.

Outright lying. The bought and controlled media scripted, inverted and rescripted its lies. It attempted to convince the public that Clinton’s psychopathic greed was good. It vaunted her statesmanship, despite endless examples of murder, collusion and corruption at the expense of our nation and far more vulnerable ones, plus a whole generation in Libya. But despite every unfair advantage, Clinton still couldn’t pull it off – because of Wikileaks, the alternative media and awakened people. Pesky reality drew the curtain back.

Backstage machinations and trick lighting. With the media’s help, the DNC took down Sanders. And thanks to generous applications of green screens and misleading camera angles, they managed to make Clinton’s puny audience look bigger than it was while downplaying Trump’s.

Blame the audience. The real people who voted for Trump were portrayed as unreal “deplorables” – stupid, misogynistic, racist, homophobic, uninformed dupes. The real people who voted for third party candidates, or opted not to vote at all, were simply ignored.

Laugh track. See this. It’s so good to be able to laugh back.

Who’s Afraid of Hillary Wolfe? Remember Edward Albee’s famous play, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolfe?, made into a movie starring Richard Burton and Liz Taylor? Possibly the most depressing look ever at two monstrously vindictive spouses destroying each other and everyone around them. One can easily imagine Hillary in the role of “Martha,” throughout her campaign. Final scene: Cooked and crocked, unable to give her concession speech, the defeated Hillary calls a close friend, according to sources, whining and screaming that it was all FBI Director Comey’s fault and that Obama hadn’t silenced him soon enough.

Puppet show with crisis actors. Now we see Clinton’s mind-controlled supernumeraries smashing through cities, led by bused provocateurs and – likely – crisis actors. Many of the same millennials who supported Sanders are now demonstrating in her behalf. All for a dragon lady – said by a knowledgeable source to be a coven witch – who consorts with blood-swilling Satan worshippers and pedophiles.

Sudden, unexplained plot/role reversals. Writers adore irony. The producers of the Clinton travesty, including the toad-faced satirist Michael Moore, seem to adore hypocrisy. Now Clintonistas are blaming the MSM for their loss, saying it was biased in favor of Trump. (Click here.)

Acute, pernicious melodrama. This video by The Daily Sheeple puts it all into perspective.

Violent street theater. Today’s news is a rejected Game of Thrones script mounted and staged on real streets. With more to come. Let’s just hope that real people won’t jump on the stage. Warning: this is a false-flag setup that will be blamed on conservatives.

If only the Soros-funded controllers could be convinced:

  • The awakened audience panned the show.
  • The public is filing out.
  • And the new world order’s creaky stage is condemned.

But this is theater. It isn’t over yet.