Datto: Helping Hillary and Newtown High School, too.

Ginger-haired, cherub-faced Austin McChord had quite a lot of explaining to do back in October 2015.

McChord is the CEO and founder of Datto, Inc., a multi-million-dollar data storage company based in Norwalk, Connecticut,  which has its hardware operations on Pepper Street in Monroe, Connecticut.

Monroe is also where the temporary Sandy Hook Elementary school has been operating, housed in the former Chalk Hill Elementary at 375 Fan Hill Road.

Hillary’s backer-upper. Datto had the dubious honor of helping Hillary Clinton back up her email while she was serving the Obama administration as secretary of state. For that reason, Datto found itself under the rapt eye of the U.S. Senate’s Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee last fall.

Committee chairman Sen. Ron Johnson wanted to know if Datto was authorized to store classified information and whether it had “turned over any information, materials, or equipment to the FBI or any other law enforcement entity.”

Datto cooperated with the investigation. Read about that here.

It’s doubtful that Mr. McChord would be of any interest to Cinderella at all, because she has never been partial either to red-haired nerds or to Hillary. (Cinderella adores nerds, just not red-haired ones.)

However, Mr. McChord made an interesting donation to Newtown High School shortly after the 12-14-12 incident. A week from the day, in fact.

Newtown Public School’s timely benefactor. An alumnus of Newtown High School himself, Mr. McChord signed a check for $50,000 made out to Newtown High School, dated 12-21-12. (Interesting numerical juxtaposition.)

He accompanied his check with an email in which he offered his services to Newtown High School’s tech club as an adviser. He also offered the services of two of his Datto colleagues. He wrote, “…we have access to deep resources,” which could be shared with the high school’s tech club.

You can find the documents here in the Newtown Board of Education’s public record of its meeting dated 1-08-13. The check is on page 8. The email is on page 9. On page 7 is the ostensible acceptance of both the check and the proffered advisory services.

No sympathy. The email, dated 12-21-12 like the check, is reasonably grammatically correct and business-like. Oddly, however, it doesn’t offer condolences of any sort for the 12-14-12 tragic Sandy Hook Elementary incident. Could it be that Mr. McChord simply forgot to insert his sincere sympathy? Could it be that such expressions are simply not part of his repertoire? Or is there some other perfectly reasonable explanation.

You can read more about Mr. McChord and his colleagues at Datto here. And you can read about Mr. McChord’s wild and wacky predilections, such as liquid nitrogen finger-bowls, here!

For a fascinating video that features Datto and other interesting associations, click here.

So what are we to make of all these overlapping geographical, chronological, political and philanthropic facts? Are they mere juxtapositions?

As always, Cinderella leaves these questions to the astute and capable minds of her dear readers.