Buying gun control.

Commenting on the recent Fort Lauderdale shooting incident, “Barry Soetoro” reminds us to examine city budgets in trouble and legislation up for vote before mass shootings occur. (Click here.)

For instance, the Marysville, Washington shooting (October 2014) happened just before a major gun control initiative was up for vote in that state. Billionaires like Michael Bloomberg spent millions to make sure it passed.

In Newtown, Connecticut, several elementary schools were well behind schedule for necessary upgrades and repairs due to serious budget problems. Then, bingo. After the 12-14-12 incident, money was no obstacle. A $50MM school was built on the sawdust of the demolished Sandy Hook Elementary School.

What were the pre-existing conditions in Fort Lauderdale? Beyond the airport’s need for an upgrade, Florida State Senators were about to vote on a bill (SB 140) to lift restrictions on guns in airports. Bang. A shooter who claims to have been trained by U.S. intelligence (using ISIS films, of course) arrives on the scene. We can easily predict what will happen next as the fake news version overtakes the real one.

View this other video by “Barry” for the criminal records of mayors who have joined Bloomberg in his campaign to restrict gun rights for ordinary citizens – through Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG).

We wonder what the odds are that so many mayors with rap sheets should be members of the same club.