Recusals and bamboozles: A timeline.

Investigator Doug Hagmann of The Hagmann Report does a great job clarifying the timeline of the fake Russian dossier/FISA/General Flynn trial imbroglio.

If the twists and turns of this intelligence war outmaneuver your attention span, go here.

Then click on: “Explosive Development Exposing the Conspiracy by the Obama Intelligence Community.”



The Purge and the Saudi crackdown.

Sean Turnbull of SGT Report provides an excellent analysis – short and sweet – of the DNC’s crumbling edifice, linking it all the way to a money drought from the formerly obliging Saudis. From Donna Brazile’s recent disclosures to the arrest of numerous Saudi princes (including Bin Laden’s brother), Turnbull sums it up very succinctly. Watch it asap:

Right here.

A comedy of computer errors.

The Daily Caller has put out an excellent summary of the woes now being visited upon the elusive Awan brothers – the Pakistani Muslims hired as IT specialists by Debbie Wasserman Schultz and a host of other Democrats.

Before the Awans fled the country after a criminal probe of their treacherous activities began this February, they went on a hard-drive smashing spree. Due to the haste of the brothers’ departure, many of the drives were left behind.

This week, the FBI visited the Awans’ former domicile to collect the cyber-remains. Police were cued by a U.S. Marine, who recently rented the Awans’ former home and found computer debris in the garage.

The story is fascinating and would be funny if it didn’t represent serious breaches in U.S. national security and a potentially catastrophic political agenda that has yet to be fully unveiled. Read it for yourself here. To my knowledge, it isn’t being reported on by mainstream sources, who are too busy touting a groundless investigation of Russian hacking.

As the Trump administration banishes the “insider D.C. club” that has been undermining the will of the electorate as well as the president, this story may get buried in the rubble. But the broken hard drives won’t be; they are already on their way to the forensic lab.

Oops! It looks like Imran Awan didn’t manage to escape the country after all. He was intercepted at the Dulles Airport on July 25th, arrested and charged with bank fraud. Zero Hedge has added much to flesh out the story here. An excerpt:

“One bombshell that has been all but ignored by the main stream media is that Imran Awan had access to Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s iPad password, meaning that the brothers also had direct access to the notorious DNC emails.”

Update: The Gateway Pundit reports that the Awans were running intel to The Muslim Brotherhood:

“Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer revealed to Laura Ingraham, who filled in for Tucker Carlson Thursday evening, the Pakistani IT staffers were sending sensitive information to the Muslim Brotherhood.”

The courage of Elizabeth Beck.

The DNC fraud case is being prosecuted by Florida attorneys Jared Beck and his wife, Elizabeth Beck. Among the complainants are people who contributed to the Bernie Sanders campaign in good faith, only to find out later that the nomination of Hillary Clinton had been fixed by the DNC.

Ever since, there has been a steady stream of dead bodies associated with investigations into the Clinton Foundation, Clinton herself and the former DNC Chairwoman, Debbie Wasserman Schultz:

  • John Ashe, a former President of the United Nations General Assembly, died of a crushed throat a few days before he was set to testify in a Clinton corruption case.
  • Seth Rich, former DNC staffer and suspected leaker of DNC emails to Wikileaks, was shot to death in a purported D.C. “burglary,” yet nothing was stolen from him.
  • Beranton Whisenant, a federal prosecutor handling illegal immigration cases in Miami, Florida (Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s district) was found dead (from a head wound) on the shore of a Hollywood, Florida beach.
  • Peter W. Smith, a GOP donor from Chicago, was found dead (of asphyxiation by helium) in a Rochester, MN hotel earlier this year. Smith had been attempting to extract Clinton emails from Russian hackers. He was found with a “suicide note” claiming that he was in poor health and his life insurance was about to expire.
  • Klaus Eberwein,  a former Haitian government official slated to testify against the Clinton Foundation, alleging malfeasance and malpractice, was found dead in Miami via a gunshot wound.

Despite the danger of coming forward in light of the compendious “Arkancide” hit list, an obviously distraught Elizabeth Beck appeared on Infowars recently with some disturbing revelations. She drew a connection between Smith’s and Whisenant’s deaths and a lawsuit over an organ transplant linked to the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida. The Mayo Clinic, according to Beck, is a strong contributor to the Clinton Foundation.

As possible background for these insights, go here to an interview of Liz Crokin by Dave Hodges.  At the 19:39 mark, Hodges makes a statement about “hunting parties” by the elite, and what happens to the organs of their human victims.

“Only connect,” wrote E.M Forster. Watch these videos and make the connections for yourself.

Bombshell: Attorney Afraid for Her life Blows Clinton Body Count Wide Open

Lawyer Suing DNC Fears For Life After Witness Seth Rich Murdered

Hu took the emails?

I’ve been meaning to post on this intriguing bit of news, but time gets away from me lately.

So I’m asking readers to take a look at and reflect on this alternative news report on the recent (June 1) FBI raid of a certain home in Dearborn, Michigan.  It’s been nearly a week since it happened, and still MSM has mostly ignored it.

The home in question, at 7246 Jonathon Street in Dearborn, is said to be owned by a shell company that was “established by the Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs that’s long been known as a Abedin family business where Huma Abedin’s brother, Hassan Abedin, is a book-review editor and her sister, Heba Abedin, is an assistant editor.”

Huma Abedin is, of course, Hillary Clinton’s famous aide, with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. Abedin is said to have visited Dearborn in August 2016 under mysterious circumstances, in the midst of the presidential campaign. For what purpose? Some speculate it was to squirrel away certain “lost” email files.

The recent raid took place shortly after Anthony Weiner, Abedin’s husband, was sentenced for his prurient and illegal activities with an underage girl. The timing of the raid coincides with the couple’s sudden reunion, after Abedin had previously filed for a divorce from her gaunt ghoul of a husband.

Twenty-four hours after the couple reunited in their expensive pad in NYC, FBI agents were banging down the Dearborn door.  Timing is everything. The raid, according to the government, was a matter of national security.

Searching for evidence of the Dearborn house’s ownership, Cinderella turned up nothing. Home Metry had no report. Neither did the city’s records. However, from the names associated with the properties in the area, we quickly confirmed who owns Dearborn.

Pants on fire.

Former FBI Director James Comey, freshly terminated, is now saying that Trump tried to block his investigation of former National Security Adviser Flynn concerning collusion with Russia to turn the U.S. presidential election.

But on May 3rd, Comey testified that he received no hindrance to pursuing the “Russian” investigation for political reasons:

“But I’m talking about a situation where we were told to stop something for a political reason, that would be a very big deal. It’s not happened in my experience.” -James Comey, May 3, 2017

(The full story of Comey’s perjury is available here on Infowars.)

Devotées of Hillary Clinton, the TPP, NAFTA, Agenda 21 and other anti-human, anti-American policies are claiming that Comey, formerly their nemesis for investigating Clinton, was fired by Trump in order to end the investigation.

At the same time, mainstream media and leftwingers are ignoring new developments in the Seth Rich murder investigation. Based on numerous sources, including Julian Assange, former DNC staffer Rich is believed to have been the leaker of thousands of internal DNC emails posted by Wikileaks – emails that the DNC have insisted were “hacked” by Russians to cast Hillary in a bad light and turn the election.

If Rich was the leaker, it’s pretty obvious why his murder investigation won’t be a fakestream headliner. It would put all of the fakestreamers’  lies under a floodlight.

Already, the story of Seth Rich’s death is assuming the warts, twists and keloids of real life corruption, with testimony by an anonymous ER surgeon that Rich survived the assault.  According to the anonymous source, it was not until the next day that Rich ended up like Vince Foster and so many others who have run afoul of the Clintons.

You can listen to journalist/investigator George Webb go over the surgeon’s testimony point by point here.

For more commentary on the murder of Seth Rich based on facts, not fake, click on two videos by investigator Doug Hagmann here. And here.

Fake news: Really?

This is Titus Frost’s most recent steemit report on the suspected D.C. pedophilia ring activities now being described as “Pizzagate.”

The Youtube video embedded in that report is below, followed by one on the same subject by investigator Doug Hagmann.

Titus Frost: #PizzaGate Update, Nov. 22, 2016

Hagmann & Hagmann Report: Pizzagate: Pedophilia, Nov. 22, 2016

These reports include allegations of child sexual abuse conducted in establishments owned or frequented by people closely associated with the Clinton campaign.

According to many alternative sources, coded terms that pertain to pedophilia were found within the Podesta emails released by Wikileaks. It was Wikileaks that also first revealed the relationship between Tony & John Podesta and the “spirit cooking” Marina Abramovic.

The content of these videos and what they point toward is depraved and sickening, to say the least. But the mainstream media is currently denying the credibility of the investigations, the alternative sources and the very idea that a “family establishment” could actually be a criminal hub.

Other investigators are suggesting that the Pizzagate story is being purposely released by  operatives in order to provoke a public outcry and incidents that will lead to online censorship. (Click here. And here. And you may as well look at this, too.) Considering what we’re dealing with here (Hegelian dialectic-ians), it can’t be dismissed as a possibility.

Nor can the notion that the public is being poked and tested once again to gauge its tolerance for depravity – as articles appear that plead the case for its acceptance.

Whose children? Cinderella’s question is:  Where are the parents of the babies and children in the Pizzagate photographs? These children didn’t come out of nowhere. Why are their parents silent? If, indeed, these photos are innocent, as James Alefantis has claimed, why don’t the depicted children’s parents come forward to set things straight? If these photos document crimes, all the more reason for parents to intervene, unless the parents:

Please investigate this story for yourself. Not all horror stories are fiction. And while this one, involving exploited children, sounds all too familiar, there may be much more beneath the surface.

Update: Many more video links below.

Payday Monsanto: FBI: We Are Investigating Pizzagate, Nov. 23, 2016

Marty Leeds 33: The De-Occulting of John Podesta, Nov. 6, 2016

Barry Soetoro: Pizzagate – Attack on Free Speech? Nov. 25, 2016

Level Nine Media: James Alefantis Answers Questions, Nov. 22, 2016

David Seaman: NYT’s Defense of Pizzagate, Nov. 25, 2016

SGT Report: #PizzaGate: Hundreds of Children Missing, Nov. 28, 2016

Reality Calls: More of Creepy Podesta’s Art Collection, Nov. 30, 2016

Truth Media Revolution: McCauley Culkin Knows the Truth About the Pizza Underground

In this last video, note the reference to underground structures; that is to say, tunnels. Does this call to mind anything for Cinderella readers?

Finally,  here is an article by Dave Hodges, “Pizzagate Traced to Fairfax County, Virginia.”