Invasion of the mind snatchers.

SGT Report has one of many good alternative Youtube channels being punished for its views by Youtube/Google. The method has been to withdraw advertising from the channels on the pretext of objectionable content.

But something more nefarious is afoot, according to SGT.

Youtube seems to be actively diverting subscribers or manipulating shares, views and other statistics that impact the monetization and survival of these channels. Changing algorithms, hiding subscriber information and other shifty techniques are rife.

Behind it all is the corporate-funded, deep-state-controlled fist of the mainstream media seeking to supplant its competitors in online media. The reason is that mainstream media is dying. Everyone knows why. Tired of the bs and the corporate-controlled fake “news” on traditional media, a wary public has turned to online sources for information in record numbers.

Until recently, that information has been free because it was possible for good alternative sources to fund themselves through advertising, until Youtube and others pulled the funding rug out from under them.

SGT is trying to regain ground by requesting funding through Patreon. Others, like AMTV, have established their own platforms and are withdrawing from Youtube altogether. It isn’t hard to see where this is going. Soon, only a minority willing to pay for it will receive real news from the truth media. Free-access web sites devoted to truth, such as FOTM and aboutthesky,  are rare gems.  Unpaid weekend bloggers help, but are feeble compared to video news sources in the truth movement that broadcast to the world, troopers that are fighting for their lives currently.

The consensually blind majority will be taken for a ride by “free” fake news, brought to them by the six mega-corporations that own mainstream media.

This isn’t about entertainment or even business as usual. It’s about mind control.

As you flip around the Internet (or, God forbid, your teevee) , take a close look at what the advertisers want you to see and hear. Why are monstrosities like “Lucifer” and “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” considered acceptable while Christian-based or alternative perspectives like SGT are considered “objectionable”?

It’s obvious what the naive are being programmed to accept: Satanism. Pedophilia. Cannibalism. The obliteration of normative sexual orientation and behavior. The desecration of Christian principles under the guise of “tolerance” for violent political ideologies like Islam or perversion in general. Artificial human relationships in which anything truly human is out the window, including your sanity, your sensibilities, your faith in God, your compass and, most of all, your freedom.

And it’s being done not through a competitive marketplace of ideas, but through censorship and trickery.

This brief report says it all: Something Very Nefarious Is Going on at YouTube

Please devote 12 minutes to watching it, and consider making a donation to help fund your favorite alternative news source(s).

What is MSM telegraphing now?

Why is fakestream media echoing the words of an alleged (according to one MSM mouth) “crackpot”?

From a SUN article: “A RETIRED Russian colonel has made ludicrous claims that Russia has planted nuclear bombs around the shoreline of the US which would unleash a huge tsunami in event of WW3.”

If the so-called “mole missiles” don’t exist and the story is fake, why plant the idea in the heads of the gullible?

Could it be that such a rumor may come in handy when the real perps create the tidal waves? Is this prep for the patsyfication of Putin? Just a thought.

Daddy’s little girl.

Who turned Trump? Who convinced him to throw his pre-election rhetoric (and campaign promises) on Syria under the bus and adopt the stance of a globalist war criminal?

Lee Stranahan (The Populist, U.S.) formerly with, pieces together a very intriguing argument that the man-whisperer was Ivanka Trump herself, based on her close association with Dina Habib Powell. For a boiled-down version of his statements, go here and start at the 17:45 mark.

Powell is now  Trump’s deputy national security adviser for strategy and possibly on her way to become his chief of staff, minus Reince Priebus. Before that, Powell was Ivanka Trump’s adviser.

Powell has had an interesting flight up the career ladder. Born in Cairo, Egypt, she has lived in the U.S. since she was four years old, where she was prep schooled and later educated at the University of Austin, Texas. Her career in politics began there as she worked as a legislative aide for two Republicans, and later chose a political career over law school. This led her to work for the G.W. Bush campaign in 2000. She became the highest ranking Arab-American in his administration, and after that she was warmly welcomed into the Goldman Sachs nest, where she was eventually named partner. From there she was a shoe-in for the Council on Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commission.

Neo-con, bankster, elitist – it isn’t hard to see the pattern.

Stranahan points out that Powell’s husband, Richard, is president of Teneo, a shadowy advisory and investment banking firm.  Judicial Watch describes it this way: “Teneo serves as a kind of private-enterprise satellite to Clinton Inc.” And “It is best known for its relation with the Clintons and the Clinton Foundation.” It’s all downhill from there.

Under suspicious circumstances, Hillary Clinton’s aide and sidekick Huma Abedin  was hired by Teneo while she was still working for the state department under Hillary. Bill Clinton is an adviser for Teneo. And just in case you didn’t know this: Ivanka is good friends with Abedin. Click here. (We already know about her friendship with Chelsea Clinton.)

Dina Habib Powell is also on very chummy terms with Valerie Jarrett, an Obama adviser and hanger-on who is now living with her lord and master in the heavily gated Obama mansion not far from the White House.

So how can these boa constrictors be good for the professed nationalist/populist Mr. Trump? Answer: They can’t be, but apparently they may have hypnotized Ivanka Trump, whom Stranahan conjectures is being used by the deep state to sway her father.

“The Trump administration is being co-opted … by the establishment,” says Stranahan in his video.

Listing the many political casualties that the Trump administration has sustained thus far, Stranahan singles out counter-terrorism adviser Sebastian Gorka, whom the MSM  portrayed as a Nazi.  “They (the deep state) tried to take out Gorka because he’s also tough on jihadists.” Michael Flynn fell for the same reason, he says.

Referring to Flynn’s replacement, Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster, Stranahan asks, “If you’re a Trump supporter, do you want a guy in there who believes the term ‘radical Islamic terrorism’ is bad?” McMaster strenuously advised Trump against the use of this term, in a blunt attempt to water down the president’s lexicon and anti-terrorism policy.

Who wins after Friday’s illegal, unconstitutional, unprovoked attack on Syria? Not Syria’s elected president Bashar al-Assad, obviously. Not the Christian community living close to the target. Not even Trump himself, despite the MSM cheering squad, since many of his supporters are livid. The beneficiary is clearly ISIS and, by extension, the deep state and its military-industrial fans.

By now, we should all know that the deep state is in cahoots with ISIS – in fact, created ISIS – which is radical Islamic terrorism on steroids. (And just in case you aren’t sure just how radical Islam is, here is a link you will want to click: An interview with former Muslim I.Q. Al Rassooli.)

Even if you dislike Stranahan’s delivery of the facts, you can’t argue with them. These connections exist and they are potent.

What are they protecting?

Many people have agreed that the Sandy Hook incident was supposed to end the same way that the Dunblane, Scotland shooting of 1996 did – with stricter gun control laws, confiscation and an outright ban.

It hasn’t ended that way, thanks to the strength of the second amendment, the outcry of responsible American patriots and those who refuse to accept the MSM version of the incident.

But you really have to ask yourself – what is the underlying reason why governments want to disarm populations? Apart from the obvious, I mean. What other horrors – beside the Sandy Hook lies and other the fake shootings/bombings – are they protecting? What acts committed by governments and agencies, rogue or otherwise, are so heinous that your average sloth would leap up and demand a day of reckoning?

I think we all know. Click here in case you don’t.

Biological darkness.

Sofia Smallstorm covers this topic with unique clarity and eloquence on Hagmann & Hagmann. Click here and listen to her latest insights on how and why sunlight is being obscured to our detriment by geoengineering – and why the average Joe “plays Baal,” going along with the program.

Sofia also makes the connection between biological darkness and the death paradigm of “sacred societies.”

Visit Sofia’s web site here and her store here. Cinderella also highly recommends her newsletter, available by subscription.

Mental predation.

Christian author, speaker and minister Paul McGuire provides a thorough review of the mind control agenda from John Dewey to Zbigniew Brzezinski and beyond. Click here.

Click here for more on the machinations of the public educational system and the stranglehold it has exercised toward a collective slave mind.

If you like his work, you can contribute here.