Recusals and bamboozles: A timeline.

Investigator Doug Hagmann of The Hagmann Report does a great job clarifying the timeline of the fake Russian dossier/FISA/General Flynn trial imbroglio.

If the twists and turns of this intelligence war outmaneuver your attention span, go here.

Then click on: “Explosive Development Exposing the Conspiracy by the Obama Intelligence Community.”



Mendacity 8.1

Recent incontestable proof that “Barack Hussein Obama’s” birth certificate is fake has been met with deafening silence by the mainstream media. However, “Barry Soetoro” reports that more is to come on the subject soon:

Barry Soetoro: Obama Fake ID: More Coming Under Trump?

Obama Nailed! Globalists Panic, MSM Freaks!

From Carl Gallups:

Obama Fraud Birth Document Archives