On a recent Hagmann & Hagmann show, L.A. Marzulli was interviewed to give insight on his latest video, The Watchman Chronicles, featuring first-person accounts of UFO sightings.

A devout Christian, Marzulli has been investigating this topic for nearly three decades. His thoroughgoing approach has led him to Peru, to seek answers to the origins of elongated skulls found there.

His thesis – that the skulls are the remains of the biblical nephilim and their descendants – extends to other similar phenomena, such as giant skeletons found buried around the world, as well as reports from indigenous people that giants once ruled and terrorized their ancestors.

Like many others, he believes that the UFO phenomenon is related to demonic activity designed to deceive and lure the uninformed into false belief about humankind’s origins. Despite the darkness of his subjects, Marzulli is a lively, witty and credible presenter, and this interview will intrigue all sides of the UFO debate.

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