Blind delusions.

While Obama was still the Resident, I watched an old National Geographic film about North Koreans who were slowly going blind from cataracts. It was both testimony and metaphor for the horrendous spiritual, mental and physical bondage in which North Koreans live.

Brainwashed beyond reaching, the poor people of this country genuflected to the politician/god they refer to as their “Dear Leader.” At the time of the film, Dear Leader was Kim Jong Il, now deceased. As everyone knows by now, his equally abhorrent son, Kim Jong Un, currently occupies the throne.

After a generous surgeon from Nepal performed a thousand cataract eye surgeries on victims of the regime, whose blindness was due largely to malnutrition, those with restored sight could do nothing but grovel to Dear Leader, praising him for his “generosity” and vowing to remain in thrall for generations.

Personally, I would rather be dead, but one can’t make personal decisions in NK. If you don’t fall in line behind the regime, they imprison, torture and kill your family by harsh work and starvation.

The Kims remind me of the Goo-ah-oolds in the old Stargate series, except that most of the latter were better-looking if you don’t count the tapeworms. Being a narcissistic egomaniacal mind-predator isn’t for the soft-hearted.

At the time, it wasn’t difficult to picture our own erstwhile Dear Leader, Obama, taking on the monstrous proportions of a Kim. I can see it now: That famous upturned gob framed and hanging on every wall. Obamaphone receivers and liberal lackeys prostrating themselves before his Likeness. Electrical fences and drones keeping the faithful in their place, while independent thinkers are locked down in re-education camps and salt mines.

On and on it goes for generations until people are born with scales over their eyes. And by then, they would mourn the loss of their vision only because they can no longer “see” Dear Leader, the false god. And it wouldn’t matter if the scales were removed from their eyes. Because the scales would still blind their spirit.

Anyone who denies the evil of communism and any form of hereditary rule should watch this film on North Korea’s death camps. With Kim’s nuclear arsenal and savagely juvenile ego, North Korea is scarier than ever.

But is the U.S. any less scary? We can’t actually see who occupies the helm of the shadow-government that has crept its way past the remains of our Constitution. With the patience of a demon, it promises prosperity, the best “healthcare,” even immortality as it delivers its poisons – vaccines, GMOs, fluoridated water, geoengineered climate change, false flag ops, economic collapse, constant surveillance, endless war, nuclear war, annihilation.

Perhaps scariest of all are the mad delusions of an ignorant, disarmed and eyeless population – the one in North Korea. And the one right here in the U.S.



Daddy’s little girl.

Who turned Trump? Who convinced him to throw his pre-election rhetoric (and campaign promises) on Syria under the bus and adopt the stance of a globalist war criminal?

Lee Stranahan (The Populist, U.S.) formerly with, pieces together a very intriguing argument that the man-whisperer was Ivanka Trump herself, based on her close association with Dina Habib Powell. For a boiled-down version of his statements, go here and start at the 17:45 mark.

Powell is now  Trump’s deputy national security adviser for strategy and possibly on her way to become his chief of staff, minus Reince Priebus. Before that, Powell was Ivanka Trump’s adviser.

Powell has had an interesting flight up the career ladder. Born in Cairo, Egypt, she has lived in the U.S. since she was four years old, where she was prep schooled and later educated at the University of Austin, Texas. Her career in politics began there as she worked as a legislative aide for two Republicans, and later chose a political career over law school. This led her to work for the G.W. Bush campaign in 2000. She became the highest ranking Arab-American in his administration, and after that she was warmly welcomed into the Goldman Sachs nest, where she was eventually named partner. From there she was a shoe-in for the Council on Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commission.

Neo-con, bankster, elitist – it isn’t hard to see the pattern.

Stranahan points out that Powell’s husband, Richard, is president of Teneo, a shadowy advisory and investment banking firm.  Judicial Watch describes it this way: “Teneo serves as a kind of private-enterprise satellite to Clinton Inc.” And “It is best known for its relation with the Clintons and the Clinton Foundation.” It’s all downhill from there.

Under suspicious circumstances, Hillary Clinton’s aide and sidekick Huma Abedin  was hired by Teneo while she was still working for the state department under Hillary. Bill Clinton is an adviser for Teneo. And just in case you didn’t know this: Ivanka is good friends with Abedin. Click here. (We already know about her friendship with Chelsea Clinton.)

Dina Habib Powell is also on very chummy terms with Valerie Jarrett, an Obama adviser and hanger-on who is now living with her lord and master in the heavily gated Obama mansion not far from the White House.

So how can these boa constrictors be good for the professed nationalist/populist Mr. Trump? Answer: They can’t be, but apparently they may have hypnotized Ivanka Trump, whom Stranahan conjectures is being used by the deep state to sway her father.

“The Trump administration is being co-opted … by the establishment,” says Stranahan in his video.

Listing the many political casualties that the Trump administration has sustained thus far, Stranahan singles out counter-terrorism adviser Sebastian Gorka, whom the MSM  portrayed as a Nazi.  “They (the deep state) tried to take out Gorka because he’s also tough on jihadists.” Michael Flynn fell for the same reason, he says.

Referring to Flynn’s replacement, Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster, Stranahan asks, “If you’re a Trump supporter, do you want a guy in there who believes the term ‘radical Islamic terrorism’ is bad?” McMaster strenuously advised Trump against the use of this term, in a blunt attempt to water down the president’s lexicon and anti-terrorism policy.

Who wins after Friday’s illegal, unconstitutional, unprovoked attack on Syria? Not Syria’s elected president Bashar al-Assad, obviously. Not the Christian community living close to the target. Not even Trump himself, despite the MSM cheering squad, since many of his supporters are livid. The beneficiary is clearly ISIS and, by extension, the deep state and its military-industrial fans.

By now, we should all know that the deep state is in cahoots with ISIS – in fact, created ISIS – which is radical Islamic terrorism on steroids. (And just in case you aren’t sure just how radical Islam is, here is a link you will want to click: An interview with former Muslim I.Q. Al Rassooli.)

Even if you dislike Stranahan’s delivery of the facts, you can’t argue with them. These connections exist and they are potent.