Deep matrix.

Your neural networks are being gamed. And your response to the game is being measured and echoed back with ads, “content,” and clever little nanobots. Anyone who thinks (whatever that is anymore) is subject to the game.

From Face Like the Sun: We’re already in deep water with AI

From Truthstream Media: Society is being programmed by a black box

In short, your mind control switch is on 24/7, and some people are getting very rich off of it.

President Trump: ‘We’re not going into Syria’

Fellowship of the Minds

After members of his own cabinet — Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and UN Ambassador Nikki Haley — made war noises about taking out Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, President Trump denied that the U.S. is “going into Syria” in a phone interview last night with the New York Post (NYP).

Michael Goodwin reports for the New York Post, April 11, 2017:

Amid complaints that his aides are saying different things about Syria and his policy is confusing, President Trump emphatically cleared the air.

“We’re not going into Syria,” he told me yesterday in an exclusive [phone] interview. “Our policy is the same — it hasn’t changed. We’re not going into Syria.

But Trump insisted that Assad had used sarin gas on his own people, calling him a “butcher” and a “barbarian,” but that last week’s successful missile strike — which he calls “an act of…

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Daddy’s little girl.

Who turned Trump? Who convinced him to throw his pre-election rhetoric (and campaign promises) on Syria under the bus and adopt the stance of a globalist war criminal?

Lee Stranahan (The Populist, U.S.) formerly with, pieces together a very intriguing argument that the man-whisperer was Ivanka Trump herself, based on her close association with Dina Habib Powell. For a boiled-down version of his statements, go here and start at the 17:45 mark.

Powell is now  Trump’s deputy national security adviser for strategy and possibly on her way to become his chief of staff, minus Reince Priebus. Before that, Powell was Ivanka Trump’s adviser.

Powell has had an interesting flight up the career ladder. Born in Cairo, Egypt, she has lived in the U.S. since she was four years old, where she was prep schooled and later educated at the University of Austin, Texas. Her career in politics began there as she worked as a legislative aide for two Republicans, and later chose a political career over law school. This led her to work for the G.W. Bush campaign in 2000. She became the highest ranking Arab-American in his administration, and after that she was warmly welcomed into the Goldman Sachs nest, where she was eventually named partner. From there she was a shoe-in for the Council on Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commission.

Neo-con, bankster, elitist – it isn’t hard to see the pattern.

Stranahan points out that Powell’s husband, Richard, is president of Teneo, a shadowy advisory and investment banking firm.  Judicial Watch describes it this way: “Teneo serves as a kind of private-enterprise satellite to Clinton Inc.” And “It is best known for its relation with the Clintons and the Clinton Foundation.” It’s all downhill from there.

Under suspicious circumstances, Hillary Clinton’s aide and sidekick Huma Abedin  was hired by Teneo while she was still working for the state department under Hillary. Bill Clinton is an adviser for Teneo. And just in case you didn’t know this: Ivanka is good friends with Abedin. Click here. (We already know about her friendship with Chelsea Clinton.)

Dina Habib Powell is also on very chummy terms with Valerie Jarrett, an Obama adviser and hanger-on who is now living with her lord and master in the heavily gated Obama mansion not far from the White House.

So how can these boa constrictors be good for the professed nationalist/populist Mr. Trump? Answer: They can’t be, but apparently they may have hypnotized Ivanka Trump, whom Stranahan conjectures is being used by the deep state to sway her father.

“The Trump administration is being co-opted … by the establishment,” says Stranahan in his video.

Listing the many political casualties that the Trump administration has sustained thus far, Stranahan singles out counter-terrorism adviser Sebastian Gorka, whom the MSM  portrayed as a Nazi.  “They (the deep state) tried to take out Gorka because he’s also tough on jihadists.” Michael Flynn fell for the same reason, he says.

Referring to Flynn’s replacement, Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster, Stranahan asks, “If you’re a Trump supporter, do you want a guy in there who believes the term ‘radical Islamic terrorism’ is bad?” McMaster strenuously advised Trump against the use of this term, in a blunt attempt to water down the president’s lexicon and anti-terrorism policy.

Who wins after Friday’s illegal, unconstitutional, unprovoked attack on Syria? Not Syria’s elected president Bashar al-Assad, obviously. Not the Christian community living close to the target. Not even Trump himself, despite the MSM cheering squad, since many of his supporters are livid. The beneficiary is clearly ISIS and, by extension, the deep state and its military-industrial fans.

By now, we should all know that the deep state is in cahoots with ISIS – in fact, created ISIS – which is radical Islamic terrorism on steroids. (And just in case you aren’t sure just how radical Islam is, here is a link you will want to click: An interview with former Muslim I.Q. Al Rassooli.)

Even if you dislike Stranahan’s delivery of the facts, you can’t argue with them. These connections exist and they are potent.

Fooled again.

For Richie Allen’s recent interview of David Icke on the U.S. attack of Syrian airfields based on false intelligence, click here.

An interesting video from Jonathan Kleck points out the telegraphing going on in popular movies and TV series, such as Homeland. A lot can be gleaned about the current stage of the agenda from cleverly crafted scripts, silly as many of them seem on the surface.

AMTV’s Christopher Greene lends his interpretation to the attack, speculating that Trump may be bluffing to gain leverage over China and to slip through the noose that the deep state has been tightening since the inauguration. Click here for his analysis.

Finally, this post from FOTM exposes the hypocrites and sociopaths currently supporting Mr. Trump’s Tomahawk missile strike.

People all across the political spectrum owe it to themselves to look past the media’s trumpeting and dissembling and wake up to the inconvenient truths behind this latest chess move toward war. What we can see is based on lies and false flag maneuvers. The real war is going on invisibly and inexorably.

3 reasons why the latest Syrian chemical attack attributed to Assad is a false flag

Anyone who still believes the MSM (and WH) malarkey on this move by Pres. Trump needs to educate him/herself. Start here.

Fellowship of the Minds

In the early morning hours of April 7, 2017, the Trump administration fired 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles from a U.S. destroyer in the Mediterranean Sea, at Shayrat Air Base in Syria which is alleged to be the location from where the Assad government, on April 4, had launched a chemical attack of sarin nerve gas which killed many civilians, including women and children, in the rebel-held town of Khan Shaykhun in Idlib province.

The source of information on the April 4 chemical attack is the White Helmets, a supposedly impartial, Syrian-created NGO. In an op/ed in The Guardian on April 4, 2017, the head of the White Helmets, Raed Al Saleh points the finger at the Assad government as the instigator of the chemical attack:

[T]his morning we have witnessed a suspected chemical weapon attack – one of the most horrifying in six years of this bloody conflict. At…

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Angelic testimony.

Angela Warren has pursued pedogate/pizzagate from the first. In return, she has been harassed and her social media has been interfered with, but she has persisted. She was interviewed recently on Hagmann & Hagmann. Click here. Angela’s interview begins at around the 1:30 mark.

Ms. Warren refers to a Wikileaks document that attests to G.W. Bush obstructing multiple investigations of his political allies who were linked to a D.C.-based pedophile sex ring and other nefarious (espionage) activities. You can find that by clicking here.